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The industry in São Paulo is the most modern and diverse in Latin America and is supported by a strong technology base, generating products with high added value in various economic sectors. The State of São Paulo concentrates 36% of the industrial production in Brazil, 12% of the agricultural income in Brazil and 33.5% of revenues generated in the service sector in Brazil, according to a survey held in 2012 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the State Data Analysis System Foundation (Seade).

Check out below some of the State's key economic sectors with strong potential to attract new investments:

Aerospace and Defenses – As the largest aerospace hub in Latin America, São Paulo accounts for 73% of local units, 95% of employed persons and 96% of the industrial transformation value of the Brazilian aeronautic sector.

Agribusiness – With significant share in the Brazilian trade balance, São Paulo is the largest producer of Oranges and Sugar Cane, besides standing out in the production of Beef and other agricultural products.

Automotive – As the 15th largest manufacturer of vehicles in the world, the state of São Paulo is the birthplace of the automotive industry in Brazil, concentrating over 41% of plants in the national automotive complex.

Green Economy – Largest market for green economy in Brazil, 142,000 companies operate in the sector in São Paulo, employing 1.6 million people, with special mention to the Biofuel and Renewable Energy sectors.

Machinery and Equipment – São Paulo accounts for 57% of the value of industrial transformation and 49% of employed persons (approximately 288 thousand employees) in Brazil, playing a leading role in the generation of new technologies.

Real Estate Market – With over 90% of its population concentrated in urban areas, São Paulo concentrates 20% of the total inhabitants in Brazil and accounts for 28% of the national GDP of the construction market.

Research and Development – With one of the best structures in Latin America, São Paulo concentrates an intensive network of universities, research centers, incubators and technology parks, accounting for 86% of the investments received in the industry.

Oil and Natural Gas – In addition to concentrating 23% of domestic suppliers of equipment and services for the industry, São Paulo has five refineries, which account for 42.7% of the capacity of Brazil and a huge extraction potential with the discoveries in the pre-salt.

Healthcare – Leader in the industry and with excellent structure for research and skilled labor, São Paulo is home to 38% of bioscience companies and 71% of companies in the Pharmaceutical industry in Brazil, as well as to 53% of people working in the sector.

Financial Services – São Paulo concentrates more than 31% of banks and 32% of credit transactions in Brazil. The state capital is home to the BM&FBovespa, one of the five largest stock exchanges in the world.

IT and Communication – Biggest pole of technology and communications in Brazil, São Paulo contains 41% of the national hi-tech equipments industry, as well as a wide offering of services for computers, tablets and smartphones.

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