FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Services and operation of Investe SP

1. Is Investe SP a private or public company?
Invest SP is an Independent Social Service, a private law legal entity of non-profit nature, of collective and public interest, established by Law No. 13.179 as of August 19, 2008 and regulated by Decree No. 53.766 as of December 05, 2008.
2. Which companies can be served by Investe SP?
It is worth noting that Investe SP provides services to all types of companies. However, priority is given to projects that are relevant to the State of São Paulo due to the impact in the generation of jobs and income for the population and the possibility of generating beneficial results in the area of technological development, innovation and sustainability.
3. Are there any business sectors considered strategically for Investe SP?
The agency provides service to companies from all economic areas, but there are five strategic sectors of exploration, where Investe SP is keen to attract companies to São Paulo: green economy, aerospace and defense, health and life sciences, information technology and oil and gas.
4. How much do the services of Investe SP cost?
As per the agency’s non-profit and independent service nature, Investe São Paulo does not charge for any of its services.
5. Is Investe SP able to name companies to assist me in my foreign project in the State of São Paulo?
In this case, what the agency does is point out associations and other professional entities that bring together various companies in the sector requested. Because it is of public interest, Investe SP is not allowed to indicate private companies to other private companies.
6. How can I offer my advertising services to Investe São Paulo?
By contacting our communications team via e-mail [email protected].
7. Como posso oferecer meus produtos de outro tipo que não publicidade à Investe São Paulo?
Most of the services contracted by Investe São Paulo are selected by bidding processes or budget analysis. You can contact us on the Contact us channel if you have further questions on the subject.
8. Is Investe São Paulo allowed to give me the contact details of a company which has announced investments with the support from the agency so that I can sell my product?
Investe SP is not allowed to pass the contact of their customers due to contractual terms with the companies.
9. How do you come up with the figures on “São Paulo in Maps”?
São Paulo in Maps is a tool that gathers data from various sources, such as the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the State Data Analysis System Foundation (Seade).
10. Are there cost savings in electricity for projects assisted by Investe SP?
Investe SP only makes the intermediation between companies and utilities of public services, advising on the documentation and scheduling meetings. The fact that the company is a client of Investe SP does not change the amounts paid to these companies.
11. Is Investe SP allowed to grant tax benefits to my company?
No. The tax benefits offered by the State of São Paulo are laws and decrees approved by the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz). What experts from Investe São Paulo do is to check the existing benefits for the products of the companies assisted. Sometimes, Investe SP also assists companies in making claims to the Finance Department of the State, usually requesting for a certain product to be included in a decree or law that is already available for other similar products.
12. Does Investe SP lend funds or provide credit facilities?
No. The agency only intermediates the contact with Desenvolve SP – São Paulo Development Agency. It is a state bank that promotes the development of the State through conscious and long-term credit transactions for small and medium enterprises and municipalities in São Paulo. Learn more at ww.desenvolvesp.com.br
13. Is Investe SP able to assist on exporting to São Paulo?
If you are looking for a partner to export, we suggest that you use the Find a Business Partner website, created by Investe SP. On this website, you can register your company and advertise what kind of business partnership you are looking for. The matchmaking system will indicate potential partners and/or entrepreneurs who are looking for companies with your profile. If you are only interested in selling products without having a corporate headquarters in the State, we recommend that you contact the Brazilian Association of Logistics Companies (Aslog), the Brazilian Association of Advisory and Consulting in Foreign Trade (Abracomex), or the Brazilian Association of Foreign Trade (Abece).
14. Is Investe São Paulo able to assist me on exporting or importing products?
Investe São Paulo only advises companies who wish to invest in the State of São Paulo. For further assistance to import or export your products, we recommend that you contact Apex Brazil: www.apex.com.br
15. Is Investe SP able to help me find an investor to support my project?
Yes, through the Find a Business Partner website. On the website, you can register your company and advertise what kind of partner you are looking for. The matchmaking system will indicate you potential partners and/or entrepreneurs who are looking for companies like yours.
16. How do I find the best region to accomodate my company?
Register your project through Contact Us, providing as much information as possible. Our technicians will analyze the needs of your company and contact you so that, together, we are able to identify the municipalities that best fit with your investment.
17. How do I offer lands for Investe SP to indicate to the companies it provides assistance for?
Investe São Paulo gathers information on lands in the municipalities according to what is provided by the municipalities. Therefore, if you know or have any land or property available, notify the municipality and make sure that it will register it in the website of Investe SP.
18. What is the involvement of Investe SP in the qualification of workforce?
Often, when a company decides to settle in a certain municipality and there is not enough skilled labor, Investe SP contacts Centro Paula Souza, a government agency responsible for the State Schools of Technology (Fatecs) and the Technical Schools (Etecs), and requests the creation of a course directed to the needs of this new industry, which will absorb most of the graduate students. This is a good example of how the public and private sectors can work together.
19. How is the selection of municipalities that will be presented to investors?
The selection of municipalities is based on the database of Investe SP, which covers all of the 645 cities in the State. Often, the agency seeks to update and expand its database with information such as what municipal benefits are offered to new companies, which areas are available for enterprises, what kind of skilled labor is available in the region, among others. This information is used to make the list of cities that meet the needs of each project. With this list in hand, it is up to the investors to decide the location they deem more suitable to settle their new plant or expand their business. This facilitates the entrepreneur's choice.
20. What are the strategies of Investe São Paulo to attract more investments to SP?
To attract more investments to the State, the agency promotes the image of São Paulo in Brazil and abroad, providing information that contribute to the consolidation of the State as the main investment destination in Latin America. Another front of activity of Investe SP is to propose the improvement of public policies existing in the State, aiming to make the state economy more competitive, reducing regional disparities and increasing the generation of jobs and income for the population. In addition, when the agency assists the municipalities in the provision of services to investors and in the development of the business environment, it is also contributing to make the State more attractive to investors.
21. What are the main partners of Investe São Paulo?
Among the main partners of Investe SP are municipalities, universities, R&D centers and institutes and embassies, consulates, associations and chambers of commerce.

Selection processes for hiring employees at Investe SP

1. How does the selection of employees at Investe SP occour?
Through public selection processes disclosed on the website.
2. Where do I send my Resumè?
Our suggestion is that you follow the news, social networks and newsletters of Investe São Paulo to find out about new selection processes.
3. How is the hiring process of employees of Investe SP?
Through the registration in work card, according to the premise of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT).

Technical problems, site access, email and login

1. I forgot my password. What should I do?
Just click on the "Forgot Password?" button, and this password will be sent to your email.
2. How do I sign up to receive the newsletters of Investe SP?
Simply fill out the form on the link Receive our Newsletters.
3. I signed up to receive the newsletter but I am not getting the material. What should I do?
Make sure the email [email protected] nis not blocked on your e-mail server or directed to the spam box. If the answer is negative, please contact us via [email protected].
4. How often is the newsletter of Investe SP sent?

Use of texts and pictures from the website of Investe SP

1. Can I publish the texts available on the website of Investe São Paulo on my website/blog/social network profile?
Yes, provided that you quote Investe SP as the source. In the case of news published by the press, which have been replicated by the agency, directly mention the original source.
2. Can I use photos available on the website of Investe São Paulo on my website/blog/social network?
It is possible, provided that the credit shown in the photo of Investe SP is disclosed. (e.g.:Francisco Rosa/Investe SP)
3. Can I suggest a news story to the website?
Send an e-mail to [email protected]. Your suggestion will be analyzed by the Department of Communication.
4. How do I get photos and images of Investe SP that are not available for download on the website?
Send your request to [email protected].


1. How do I get materials (DVD, brochure, magazine, etc.) of Investe SP?
Send your request to [email protected].
2. How can I compete for the Investe SP Award?
The Investe SP award is given to companies that invest in the State of São Paulo, with the support from Investe SP and that have already started their operations.
3. Why does the site menu show the expression “Why São Paulo” without a question mark?
There is no question mark because it is an affirmation to show the reasons “why” to invest in São Paulo.