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Investe São Paulo – Agência Paulista de Promoção de Investimentos e Competitividade (São Paulo's Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness) – is a Social Organization (OS) linked to the Department of Planning and Management by a management agreement.

The Agency has the mission of developing the State of São Paulo throughout the promotion of investments, the increase of exports, the incentive to innovation and the improve of the business environment.
In order to achieve that, it acts as the gateway for companies that intend to settle their operations or invest in the expansion of their businesses in the state. It provides strategic information free of charge, helping investors find the best locations for the success of their businesses.

The company is also responsible for SP Export, program created to foster exports in the State by incentivating companies' internacionalization.

Its duties include yet welcoming foreign delegations, guiding municipalities, presenting investment opportunities in the state, reaching out for new business, providing information to contribute to the development of São Paulo, in addition to promoting the image of the state in Brazil and abroad as a destination of investments.

Investe São Paulo is ready to help the investor find the best way to take advantage of all the opportunities that the State of São Paulo offers, providing assistance to locate the appropriate areas; infrastructure support; information on credit facilities; tax advice; environmental advice and articulation with public and private agencies.

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We would like to invite you to learn more about the reasons that make the State of São Paulo the right choice for your business. Investe São Paulo is always ready to serve you promptly, efficiently and free of charge. Check out how this Investment Promotion Agency can assist your project in Our Services or contact our experts by clicking on the link Contact us.


International reputation

Investe São Paulo is the only brazilian agency ever to be awarded on the FDI IPA Innovation Awards, British magazine FDI Magazine's award. The agency won the award in 2013 for "Best Trade/Exchange" over its professional exchange program with other investment promotion agencies around the globe. The article on the award was published on the October/November issue of FDI Magazine, and it can be downloaded here. See also the video with a testimonial of the magazine's editor about Investe São Paulo's achievement.




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We invite you to find out why São Paulo is the right choice for your business. Investe SP is always ready to assist you promptly, efficiently, and free of charge. Learn how the Paulista Agency of Investment Promotion can help assess your project by clicking on Services or contact our team on Contact Us.