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The State of São Paulo is the most important center of information and communication technology (ICT) in Brazil. The sector comprises the activities of services that include companies focused on the development and commercialization of computer software and applications, tablets and smartphones, in addition to consultancy, technical support and maintenance of devices. There are also data processing services, Internet content and equipment manufacture.

The manufacturing industry of computer and peripheral equipment in São Paulo concentrates, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 40% of employed persons and 40% of the value of industrial transformation (VTI) of the segment in Brazil. Intensive in technology, the activity indicates rate of innovation higher than the domestic manufacturing industry: 54% and 38%, respectively (IBGE – 2011).

With respect to the activities of information technology and communication services, according to the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), São Paulo is home to 32% of local units in Brazil, accounting for 44% of total national employment relationships in the industry, concentrated in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo (RMSP) and Campinas, with 72% and 4% of jobs, respectively (2012).

In the segment of information technology consultancy, special mention to the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, which reaches 87% of the employment relationships of the activity in SP.

The State of São Paulo is also home to 39% of local units and 48% of total national employment relationships of the data processing and internet content segment. The concentration of these jobs also occurs in the RMSP (77%) and Campinas (14%) – (MTE – 2012).

Funding programs

In support to the sector, among the main goals of BNDES Program for the Development of the National Industry of Software and Information Technology Services (BNDES Prosoft) are the significant expansion of the share of national companies in the domestic market, the promotion of the growth of its exports, the strengthening of the innovation process and the research and development activities in the sector, the promotion of dissemination and the increasing use of national software in Brazil and abroad, among others.

The program finances investments and business plans of software and information technology service companies  headquartered in Brazil (BNDES Prosoft – Corporate), trade in the domestic market (BNDES Prosoft – Trade) and exports
(BNDES Prosoft – Exports).

Technology Park of Campinas – CPqD

Technological environment where research laboratories and ICT companies are established.The business complex is located in an area covering 360 thousand square meters, with complete service infrastructure, favoring the interaction between companies and clients and the required contribution to align products and systems with national and international standards.
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Campinas Techno Park

With a total size of 524 thousand m², this park is located next to the meeting point of the highways Anhanguera, D. Pedro I and Bandeirantes. It features a hotel, a convention center and an incubator for businesses with connections to technology information and biotechnology.
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Technology Park of São Carlos

It aims to increase the competitiveness of the regional production sector, with the participation of public and private universities, research centers, government agencies and technology-based companies that operate primarily in the areas of information technology and communication, new materials, electronic instrumentation, automation and robotics, fine chemicalsand optics.
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Why invest in the ICT industry in São Paulo?

  • National leadership in the manufacture of equipment and provision of services.
  • São Paulo concentrates the most important development centers of Brazil.
  • The State relies on renowned universities and research centers in the area.
  • Modern network of technological parks and incubators of technological base.
  • Largest consumer market of electronic equipment in Brazil.

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