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Many companies from São Paulo have the potential to export their products and services to new consumer markets, but this capacity is still little explored. For this reason, Investe São Paulo was assigned a mission by the State government to encourage the exporting culture within the state.

By making the decision to export, entrepreneurs will be contributing to the growth of their companies – and one of the biggest benefits from doing that is the expansion of their consumer market. When a company starts exporting, it also benefits the state economy.

Companies that invest in exports report productivity and scale gains, are able to invest in innovation and workforce qualification and thus strengthen their competitive conditions and economic resilience.

International trade stimulates the vitality and dynamism of the economy, generating foreign exchange inflow, improving the trade balance, creating jobs and increasing the volume of investments in production and technological development.

For all the benefits generated by exports to businesses and the state economy, the SP Export – São Paulo Exports Support Program - was created. Coordinated by Investe São Paulo, the initiative is from the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (SDECTI). The purpose of the program is to increase the volume of exports from the State of São Paulo, encourage the exporting culture in the business community of the State and assist companies from São Paulo to find foreign markets for their products and services.

SP Export relies on the support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), as part of the National Exporting Culture Plan (PNCE).

In addition to technical studies to evaluate the barriers to exports in the State of São Paulo, the program contemplates several fronts, including training seminars. Poupatempo do Exportador (a public service developed to provide streamlined support to exporters), the Industrial Export Extension Project (PEIEX) and trade promotion actions.

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