Green Economy

The State of São Paulo has the largest and most diverse green economy market in Brazil. According to the 2012 Annual Report of Social Information (Rais), from the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE),

there are 142,000 companies operating in the sector, employing 1.6 million people in the State, representing almost a third of green jobs in Brazil. It is a real forest of sustainable enterprises. With the profile of a low carbon economy, it is the State with the cleanest energy matrix of Brazil, with a 55% share of renewable sources, according to the 2013 Energy Balance of the State of São Paulo (Beesp).

The State of São Paulo was the first region of Brazil to incorporate the green economy issue in its political and business agenda. It pioneered the regulation of issues such as solid waste (State Law Nº 12.300/2006) and climate changes (State Law Nº 13.798/2009). These measures provide opportunities for the prospection of new business, since they create specific demands such as, for example, the need for investments in sustainable transportation.

Another differential is the 2020 Strategy for Sustainable Development of the State of São Paulo (Decree No. 58107 of June 5, 2012), which aims to establish an agenda for the sustainable development of the state, presenting sectoral goals that will define the State Government action up to 2020.

With regard to the production of biofuels, São Paulo is the world’s largest producer of ethanol from sugarcane. The State also has great capacity for collecting solar energy and small hydroelectric plants scattered throughout the territory, and it includes the production of components for wind turbines, designed to take advantage of the great capacity of Brazil to generate wind power.

These prospects place the state of São Paulo in a leading position regarding the development of green technologies and in the generation of renewable energies, providing a vast field of opportunities for new investments.

Accounting for approximately 31% of the industrial GDP of Brazil, the State maintains 17.5% of its area preserved. In 2012, the State of São Paulo concentrated 31% of green jobs in the Country (Rais/MTE).

The State provides to investors credit facilities, such as the green economy credit facility, from São Paulo Development Agency – Desenvolve SP.

Why invest in Green Economy in the State of São Paulo?

  • 55% renewable energy matrix.
  • Competitive advantages for the production of energy with biomass.
  • New opportunities in eco-innovator markets.
  • Advanced structure for environmental conservation.
  • State Policy for Climate Change (Pemc).

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