Why São Paulo

Choose São Paulo, the right destination for your investment. Check out the top 10 reasons that make São Paulo the number 1 state in Brazil, and also a guaranteed source of success for your enterprise:

Number 1 in economic development: recognized as the largest economic and industrial center of the Southern Hemisphere, the numbers about the economy of São Paulo stand out in the Brazilian scenario. In 2017, the State accounted for 32% of domestic income generated in the service sector. Moreover, it accounted for 31% of Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a volume greater than entire economies like Chile, Belgium, South Africa and Singapore.

Number 1 in consumer market: with 45 million inhabitants, São Paulo is the most populous and wealthy state of Brazil, concentrating the 4th largest consumer market in Latin America, behind only Brazil as a whole, Mexico and Colombia. The greatest strength of the Brazilian consumer market lies in the inland cities of the state of São Paulo.

Number 1 in strategic location: located in the Southeast of Brazil, the State of São Paulo borders with Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro. With 645 municipalities, its regional dynamics set up a network of cities that comprises, in the upper strata of its hierarchy, a set of metropolitan cities, agglomerations and urban centers. 

Number 1 in infrastructure: it houses the most modern Brazilian highways and major airports in the country, in addition to the Port of Santos, the largest container terminal in Latin America, accounting for 25% of the Brazilian trade flow. This transport network is complemented by railways, waterways and a pipeline network.

Number 1 in human capital: the State concentrates 25% of all higher education institutions in Brazil. The three public universities in São Paulo are among the best in the country, with international recognition. São Paulo also hosts the largest free network of technical and professional qualification schools in Brazil, with special mention to Centro Paula Souza, responsible for Technical Schools (Etecs) and Technology Colleges (Fatecs).

Number 1 in innovation: responsible for 69,5% of total invested by state government in Research and Development in Brazil, São Paulo relies on an extensive network of public and private research institutions, concentrating a significant production of knowledge, in addition to a program that stimulates the deployment of technology parks and one of the main promotion agencies for scientific and technological research in the country, the Research Support Foundation of São Paulo (Fapesp).

Number 1 in quality of life: São Paulo has one of the best national performance regarding the living conditions of the population. More than 90% of its 645 municipalities have a high Human Development Index (HDI). Out of this total, 24 cities were considered in a very high human development level by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Number 1 for funding sources: undertakings settled in the State of São Paulo have access to a range of funding programs offered by public agencies aimed at promoting development, such as Desenvolve SP, which offers various credit facilities with competitive interest rates.

Number 1 in incentive policies: aiming to reduce production costs and stimulate the economic growth, the government of the State of São Paulo offers various tax incentives that benefit many production sectors. Check it out!

Number 1 in tourism and events: São Paulo is the main destination for business tourism in Brazil. In 2014, according to International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the capital was the main destination of international meetings occured in Brazil. Inland and seaside cities stand out for their economic and leisure activities.

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