Consumer Market

Covering a geographical area with the size of the United Kingdom and hosting a population which numbers exceed those of Australia (24 million of inhabitants) and Canada (36 million of inhabitants), the State of São Paulo is home to the Brazil's largest consumer market, thanks to the population's socioeconomic status and having a GDP per capita that is 50% bigger than the national average and, consequently, offering access to more sophisticated consumer goods.

According to the Consumer Potential Index (IPC Marketing), the population of São Paulo concentrates US$ 300 billion in consumer potential in 2016, which represents more than 27% of the consumption potential of Brazilians.

The profile of state’s population collaborates to the potential of the São Paulo consumer market:

  1. higher participation of women in the labor market;
  2. greater number of jobs requiring high qualification, which creates a demanding consumer;
  3. increasing in the elderly proportion in population, encouraging the development of specialized services for this public.

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