Supply Network

Given its position as the largest economic and industrial pole in the Southern Hemisphere, producing 30.9% of the national trade revenue (IBGE – 2014) and 42.1% of the total services provided (IBGE – 2013), São Paulo has the largest supply chain through a wide variety of economic activities.

In the aerospace sector for example, São Paulo produces more than 94% of the total value of the sector's industrial manufacturing activities, supplying products and services required for the manufacture of aircraft (IBGE – 2014).

It is also noted for its broad network of suppliers in the segments of oil and gas, automobiles and pharmaceuticals, amongst others, bearing in mind that various sectors may use the same supply market, thus reducing costs and stimulating companies' competitiveness.

The State's excellent infrastructure and the strength of its economy also favor the supplies market, making São Paulo the number 1 State in the supply of raw materials, equipment, products and services to companies operating all around Latin America.

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