Useful information

In order to make life easier for entrepreneurs interested in settling their business in the State of São Paulo, this area offers plenty of information about the business world. In the links below, investors will learn more about legislation in general, including foreign investments and international treaties, environmental laws and e-business. There is also information about chambers of commerce, business associations, regulatory agencies, credit facilities, among other topics.

Regulatory agencies

Access to the website of regulatory agencies responsible for inspecting the public services provided by the private sector, in addition to controlling the quality and establishing rules for the performance of activities.

Business associations

List of links to the websites of associations of the various strategic sectors of the state economy.

Chambers of commerce

List of links to the websites of chambers of commerce based in the state of São Paulo.


List of international consulates based in São Paulo.

Investment guides

In partnership with other associations, in this area you can access the main guides developed by Investe São Paulo to help investors on the necessary steps to ensure the success of the project.

Environmental licensing

Check out the agencies responsible for environmental licensing, according to the federal and state laws in force.

Financing lines

Check out the main financing lines offered by the public sector and find out which one fits best to your investment.

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