Stages of our services

Investe São Paulo assists each project with exclusive attention, offering personalized services according to the specific demands of each company. The guide below shows the basic stages of our services, but the trajectory and further details of each stages are adapted to the uniqueness, relevance and maturity of each project.

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1) Business outreach

Our team operates actively or on demand in the search for new investments. The purpose of this stage is to understand the main requirements of a project, showing how we can help the investor, the comparative advantages of the State of São Paulo and its business environment.

2) NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

When the investor decides to rely on the support from Investe São Paulo to implement its investment project, we formalize our relationship through the execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which ensures to the investor that the information shared with our staff is safe.

3) Information

After signing the NDA, the project is submitted to the project division. A team is assigned to take care of the stages of implementation of the project. First, the project manager asks investors all the details about the project, checking their needs and desires. Then, the scope of the service is established and the work begins.

4) Finding the project site

Based on the information provided by the investor, we identify, among the 645 cities of São Paulo, those that meet the investment needs.

5) Long list

We send to the investor the list of cities identified based on the project criteria. For each city identified, we provide a wide range of data and information for analysis.

6) Short list

Based on the analysis of the information, the investors select some cities, which, in turn, will have the opportunity to present suitable areas (sites, warehouses) for the implementation of these projects. The areas submitted by the municipalities are analyzed by our team to verify their suitability in relation to the environmental aspects and infrastructure.

7) Visiting the areas

After a new selection made by the investor, the Investe São Paulo’s staff joins the entrepreneur on visits to the cities to check out the areas available for the installation of the project. This is the moment for the municipalities to meet the investors, show their cities and transmit confidence to the entrepreneur.

8) Implementation

After choosing the project site, we make a connection between the investor and the public utilities to provide the entire infrastructure required for the business. We also provide assistance in the environmental licensing process in order to expedite the process with the entities involved.

9) Investment announcement/Opening

When investors choose the state of São Paulo as the seat of their future enterprise, our Marketing and Communication team is ready to collaborate in the media relations, structuring the disclosure of the investment, interview with journalists from major communication channels and planning the cornerstone and opening events of the new plant or unit.

10) Aftercare

Once the project is completed, the staff of Investe SP remains in contact with the company. The idea is to provide support in the first months of production, contributing for the investors to thrive and grow in the State of São Paulo.

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