Consulting services during the project

Companies that choose to invest in the State of São Paulo also rely on our consulting services, which are provided throughout the project, according to the specific demands of each project. Check out:

A) Tax advice

We guide investors with regard to the tax incentives existing in the state and cities of São Paulo. We help them find out whether there are benefits for the settlement and operation of the company. Tax claims are analyzed by our experts, who submit them to the State Committee of Evaluation of the Economic Development Policy.

B) Infrastructure advice

To facilitate the investment and decision process, we provide support in themes such as access to highways, electricity distribution and transmission, channeled natural gas, water distribution and sewage nets. We also approach the investor of public services providers, state and federal administration services providers and regulating agencies to help optimizing the investment logistics.

C) Environmental advice

For projects to be accomplished within the proper time and costs, we support with evaluation of site options and with technical regulatory advice (master plans, water resources, air emissions, vegetation, contaminated areas, waste, among others). Furthermore, we help the investor define his licensing and relationship with relevant bodies’ strategies.

D) Qualification of workforce

Structuring a technical course is often required in order to meet the company’s future demand for skilled labor. In this case, we introduce Centro Paula Souza to the investors, which will study the best way to contribute to the technical qualification of people in the region.

E) Contact with funding agencies

We help investors find credit facilities accessible to their projects at the state and federal levels, by contacting institutions such as Desenvolve SP – São Paulo Development Agency; São Paulo Research Foundation (Fapesp); Financier of Studies and Projects (Finep) and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). For more information

F) Contacting research institutes, technology parks and universities

São Paulo is the Brazilian state that most invests in research and innovation. There is a huge intellectual capital to be explored by the companies established in the state. We encourage partnerships between academic institutions and private companies aiming at product innovation. Here, investors rely on a program of technology parks, which offers benefits to companies that establish a research center in the state.

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