Check out below the free services offered by Investe SP:

1. Support to potential investors in their dialogue with public agencies, aiming to facilitate the decision making process and the implementation of new projects. Request your service.

2. Support to help entrepreneurs identify the best locations in the state to invest, according to the needs of their activity: workforce, infrastructure, logistics, availability of suppliers, consumer market, environment, among other factors.

3. Provision of specific and strategic information on the best conditions to invest in the State of São Paulo.

4. Incentives to exports of producers from São Paulo, training potential exporters, and also assisting in the dialogue with government agencies, national and international associations and private sector.

5. Articulation with public and private entities relevant to the process of attracting investments and exports:
– Public institutions in the state, municipal, federal and international levels;
– Private institutions, such as utilities, business associations, among others.

6. Articulation with municipalities aiming to:
– Identify opportunities to attract new investments;
– Support municipalities in attracting companies;
– Identify barriers to competitiveness and propose measures to overcome them;
– Provide support and training to companies to export their products, facilitating issues relating to logistics, compliance with international standards, infrastructure and also providing assistance in the search for promising markets.

7. Support small and medium enterprises in the implementation of new projects and in the promotion of exports.

8. Manage technology parks, promoting innovation, science and technology and encouraging partnerships between the private sector and knowledge centers.

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