The State of São Paulo provides 22% of hospital beds in Brazil, encompassing ward beds, surgical and supplementary beds and 109,000 of the hospital beds available in the State, 59% are funded by the public sector – DATASUS-2015. São Paulo has 2.73 physicians and 1.84 dentists for every 1,000 inhabitants (Seade) and 42.6% of the population of São Paulo is covered by private health insurance, compared to the national average of 24.2% – DATASUS-2015.

São Paulo has 22,000 public and private health sector establishments which include hospitals, clinics, centers, outpatient centers and health units. Some of these institutions are directed linked to educational activities, like the São Paulo Hospital at the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp), the Hospital das Clínicas at the University of São Paulo (Capital and Ribeirão Preto), the State University of Campinas and the State University Paulista (Botucatu), and the Craniofacial Disorder Rehabilitation Hospital at the University of São Paulo.

Also of note is the State's large number of reference centers, high complexity oncology units and institutions qualified to perform organ and bone marrow transplants.

A pioneer in the application of new methods for diagnosing and treating cancer in Brazil, the Hospital A. C. Camargo is just one of São Paulo’s healthcare institutions that is highly respected in its area of specialty both nationally and internationally. Another center of excellence in the treatment of cancer is the Instituto do Câncer do Estado de São Paulo Octavio Frias de Oliveira (Icesp).

Another institute that has attained standards of excellence that are comparable to the best global health centers is the Instituto do Coração (Heart Institute) (InCor), specializing in the clinical and surgical treatment of heart disease through a multi-professional team that continuously participates in exchange programs with similar international institutions.

The Instituto Dante Pazzanese is another important reference in São Paulo in the area of cardiology, responsible for the first pacemakers, valve prosthesis, defibrillators and extracorporeal circulation machines manufactured in Brazil.

Among the private hospitals in the State, the Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa, is renowned for transplants of the heart, cornea, liver, bone marrow, kidney, pancreas and lung and is a national and international reference in the area of radiosurgery.

The Hospital Sírio-Libanês is also noted for its Intensive Care Unit as well as its Oncology Center and Kidney Treatment Service. The Hospital Albert Einstein should not be left out of the list of reference centers, offering integrated high complexity programs in the areas of cardiology, oncology and neurology, as well as an important Brazilian liver transplant center.

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