There is a broad network of public and private schools in São Paulo, providing basic and vocational education for children and young people living in the State. According to the Ministry of Education (MEC), there are more than 15,000 elementary education centers in São Paulo - 72% public and 28% private. Regarding high school education, there are more than 6,000 schools in São Paulo, of which 64% belong to the municipal, state or federal networks, while 36% are private (2015).

There are also a great number of international schools included in the private education network offering basic education in two or more languages and compliant with curricular structures required in other countries. São Paulo also offers 1,281 vocational education centers, making up around 16% of the national total (MEC – 2015).

In the area of higher education, São Paulo provides approximately 8,200 on-site undergraduate courses, concentrating almost 1.7 million students enrolled, which is the equivalent of 27% of the national total (MEC – 2014). In addition, several higher education institutions in the State of São Paulo are internationally recognized for their high levels of excellence, especially the state universities - USP, Unicamp and Unesp - that are in the first places in educational rankings and research among Latin American institutions.

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