The State of São Paulo represents 33.5% of Brazil’s Gross Value Added Production in Industry, amounting to around US$ 157 billion, according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Of the 24 manufacturing industry segments assessed in the Annual Industrial Research conducted by the IBGE, five contributes 53% of the total value added in the state economy (2014).

In absolute values, food product processing leads the others activities, exceeding US$ 22 billion. Following food product processing are the sectors of coke, petroleum and biofuel derivatives (US$ 17.4 billion); automobile, trailer and body manufacturing (US$ 16.9 billion); chemical products (US$ 14.4 billion); and machinery and equipment (US$ 11.3 billion) – (IBGE – 2014).

Despite producing relatively low quantities in terms of absolute values, the other industrial segments are also noteworthy, in particular that of pharmacochemical and pharmaceutical products, in which São Paulo represents 70% of the Gross Value Added Production (IBGE – 2014). The State also contributes around 48% of the national gross value added production in the economic sectors of machinery and equipment; automobiles, trailers and bodies; electrical devices and materials; rubber and plastics; and chemical products (IBGE – 2014).

The high technological complexity of São Paulo’s industrial production structure is reinforced by the strong presence of innovative companies and the concentration of information and knowledge intensive services which add high standards in the development of new products, processes and R&D.

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