São Paulo's diversified and complex economy is the largest supplier of consumer goods, capital goods, raw materials and services to other regions in Brazil and abroad. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the State Data Analysis System (Seade), the State of São Paulo accounts for 32.12% of Brazil's GDP (2015). The wealth produced by the state in the year of 2015 totaled more than US$ 568 billion, the equivalent of US$ 23,099 per capita, calculated using implied PPP conversion rate from World Economic Outlook, IMF (IBGE and Seade).

The breakdown of each economic sector's participation in the creation of wealth shows the overwhelming prominence of services (78.46%) compared to industry (19.94%) and farming (1.59%).

São Paulo concentrates more than half the production of Brazilian financial institutions, also leading in services provided to companies (40.84%), information (49.64%), health and education services (37.3%).

Find out more about some of São Paulo's main strategic economic sectors. 



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