04/02/2018 11h36

VitalForce expands plant in Barretos

Manufacturer of agricultural solutions increased production of crop components by five times; Project relies on the support from Investe São Paulo

Investe São Paulo

VitalForce, a company that produces fertilizers and pesticides of various types, expanded its plant in Barretos, increasing its capacity fivefold and incorporating high technology equipment. The project relies on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of São Paulo State Government.

“The sector of supplies for agribusiness has plenty of room to grow in São Paulo. The growth of VitalForce evidences a wise decision of the company, which invested being aware of the strength of agribusiness. We are proud to see our production chain become increasingly diversified, technologically advanced and ready to conquer foreign markets,” said the director of Investe SP, Sérgio Costa. The agency assisted VitalForce mainly in the dialogue with the municipal government and in environmental licensing and infrastructure matters.

“I’m very happy to see a company from Barretos growing and creating jobs for the people of Barretos, due to the partnership of this important agency, Investe SP. The projects assisted by the institution generate jobs and income for thousands of people in the state of São Paulo,” said the mayor of Barretos, Guilherme Ávila.

The decision to expand came from the successful sales of the brand that resulted in a demand for special and high technology products that offered greater productivity and efficiency of crops. The project involved investments that exceeded R$ 5 million (third-party and own resources) and the hiring of 17 new professionals.

VitalForce products reach the Southeast and Midwest regions, in addition to being exported to Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay.

According to the company’s executives, studies are being conducted to allow VitalForce to expand its activity in the biodefense market in the coming years. Some formulations are currently being approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, but the brand’s first organic defense is already being marketed.

About VitalForce

Founded in 2007, VitalForce produces innovative solutions for agricultural soils and leaves, always in accordance with the environmental requirements and the market demands. With its headquarters and plant in Barretos, the company has products that add productivity without impacting the environment, contributing to the sustainable development and innovation of the sector. For this, VitalForce also invests constantly in studies and new technologies.