10/10/2017 11h18

TMD Friction opens factory in Salto

The project supported by Investe São Paulo had an investment of U$ 525,4 mi to transfer its operation from Indaiatuba to a town nearby

Investe São Paulo
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    The new factory is twice larger than the previous one

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    The director of Investe São Paulo, Sergio Costa, explained agency’s work and put it at disposal to serve other companies Investe são Paulo is not a group

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    Nishimb Group’s representative, Kazuhiro Iwata, emphasized the importance of the project in Salto to the company’s global operations

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    Salto’s mayor, José Geraldo Garcia, talked about the industrial [MG1] hub he intends to create in town

TMD Friction Brasil, global leader in brake friction technology, held, in October 3rd, the opening  ceremony of its new plant in Salto.

 The factory project had a investment of U$ 525,4 mi and was supported by Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency linked to the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the State of São Paulo.

 “It is good to be here and see the conclusion of a Project in which we worked so hard. All I want is everyone in the company to know that we will keep working ins partnership so the future expansions of the factory can be a major success”, claimed Sérgio Costa, director of Investe São Paulo, during the event.

 The support given by the agency was also recognized by the executive director of the company in Brazil, Edilson Jaquetto. “They helped us to find a place where we could keep our staff that was already working in Indaiatuba and, at the same time, serve our clients more effectively”, he explained

Investe São Paulo’s team took with TMD Friction’s executives to visit several lots in ten cities in Salto’s region, besides helping in the relationship with CPFL (public electrical energy power provider) to provide the electrical energy to the plant.

 The new unit of TMD Friction represents the biggest investment of the Japanese group Nisshinbo, its controller. The necessity of its expansion made the company to change its 82,000m2(urban zone) total area and18,000m2 of constructed area) in Indaiatuba, where it operated since 1975, for about 100,000m2 and 32,000m2 respectively. Furthermore, the new unit offers the possibility of expansion because it is located in an industrial district.

 “Despite the many challenges, we did an excellent job in the factory’s construction and we tried to reach all goals we had. We are going to work very hard to consolidate our highlighted position in the with friction materials in Latin American market”, claimed John Hudson, CEO and president of the company.

 The mayor of Salto, José Geraldo Garcia, explained not only the importance of the project to the town and the region but also the city team’s effort to attract new projects. “Our goal is to treat investors  the same way Investe SP does, making them feel welcome and encourage them to invest”, he said.

The general director of TMD Friction in South America, Maroabel Moreira, the EVP for the Americas of the TMD Friction, Greg Scheessele and the Nishinbo Representer, Kazuhiro Iwata also had speeches during the event.


About TMD Friction

 TMD Friction, acompany from Nisshimbo group, is a global leader in brake friction technology for passenger and racing  in the global automotive industry. The company has three development and research centers and 13 industrial plants in eight countries, also selling the brands Textar, Pagid, Mintex, Don, Cosid e Dynotherm.

 The company provides its products for the national market and for the major vehicle and engine producer in the country. They have more than 5,000 employees in the brake friction technology area.