03/06/2023 13h41

Syngenta invests in São Paulo to increase its production capacity in Brazil

InvestSP will provide support for the company to expand its activities in Indaiatuba and Paulínia


Syngenta Crop Protection, an arm of the multinational group of agricultural supplies, entered into a Memorandum of Intent for the acquisition of a subsidiary of Ultrafine in Indaiatuba.Syngenta explains that the acquisition is part of a larger investment that also includes the expansion of its own unit in Paulínia and will result in the expansion of local production and the generation of new jobs.

In operation for 47 years, the plant in Paulínia produces a wide range of products, including insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and items for public health. The unit has received constant investments for the implementation of new technologies and modernization of production processes.

“The plant in Paulínia currently supplies Brazil and other Latin American countries.However, growth in recent years has exceeded our ability to absorb the expansion of the plant in the short term.Therefore, Ultrafine proved to be the best alternative for this immediate expansion,” says Jorge Buzzetto, Operations Director of Syngenta Crop Protection in Latin America.

Syngenta will rely on the support of InvestSP, the state government investment promotion agency, which will assist the company throughout the process of expansion of its production units.“Our job is to attract, facilitate and accelerate investments, which contributes to economic development and creation of jobs in São Paulo.Even more so in a strategic sector such as agribusiness, which generates innovation, drives the economy, protects the environment, exports to the whole world and feeds the population,” says the president of InvestSP, Rui Gomes Junior.

“We are excited about the support this investment will provide to Brazilian agriculture.This is an important step to ensure the supply that producers need, as well as a way to allow us to bring more product innovation to the country,” says Juan Pablo Llobet, LATAM President of Syngenta Crop Protection.“We continue to believe and invest in Brazilian agriculture, which grows and generates wealth for this country, helping to feed the world in a sustainable manner,” he adds.

Syngenta also informs that the expansion program will feature sustainable initiatives, both in Paulínia and Indaiatuba, such as: the use of solar panels, digital and intelligent measurement of consumption of public services, natural lighting and optimization of air conditioning for offices and administrative areas, reuse of rainwater and sustainable construction methods.