03/08/2024 15h35

SXSW: Casa SP will have Green Certification

The São Paulo State Government Space at the largest innovation event in the world will monitor and reduce impacts generated by its activities


The Government of the State of São Paulo will have an unprecedented space in the 2024 edition of South by Southwest (SXSW), the largest innovation event in the world, which takes place between March 8th and 16th, in Austin, USA.

In the program, some panels debate preservation and environmental sustainability actions in the State, but Casa SP will go further: through a partnership with the Brazilian greentech BMV Global, the activities will be measured and their impacts will be reversed in the conservation of biodiversity, generating BMV I Preserve Sustainability Seal.

Casa SP will be a space measuring around 1,000 m² and capable of hosting at least 5,000 people. Located in front of the event's main hangar, the space aims to promote São Paulo as the main hub for innovation and creative economy in Latin America, in addition to attracting foreign investment.

BMV I Preserve Sustainability Seal

To receive certification, companies need to provide BMV Global experts with event data, such as number of people, square footage of the location where it will take place and number of days. With this information, the impact generated is measured through a calculation base, which transforms this effect into a currency, called UCS (Sustainability Credit Unit). By acquiring UCSs, companies pay those who conserve, the local communities that inhabit the regions and guarantee the continuity of biodiversity and natural resources, promoting climate regulation.