03/16/2020 15h58

Supported by InvestSP, Amazon Web Services announces R$1 billion investment

Over the next two years, the cloud computing leader will expand its infrastructure in São Paulo, unique in Latin America


Governor João Doria, Secretary of Economic Development, Patricia Ellen and the president of InvestSP, Wilson Mello, met on Tuesday (4) with Shannon Kellogg, Vice President of Public Policy for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The North American company confirmed an investment of R$ 1 billion over the next two years to expand its cloud infrastructure in South America.

The investment will be used in the expansion of data centers, expanding the offering of cloud computing services to support the growing adoption of AWS by customers in the private and public sectors.

“With this major investment by AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing business, we will create more jobs, technology and also opportunities for startups, placing the State of São Paulo in the global context,” said Doria.

Amazon’s cloud infrastructure business in São Paulo is the only one in Latin America today. The initiative is the result of work that relied on the support from InvestSP, as a result of meetings held during the mission of the State Government to the United States, in November.

“We are working hard for Amazon to make its investment in the cities in São Paulo. The expansion of the server structure in São Paulo represents an achievement for the Brazilian technology sector, which increases its service capacity for cloud computing services,” said Mello.


The announcement joins the recent signing of the collaboration agreement between Centro Paula Souza (CPS) and AWS for access to the learning programs of the company’s cloud services platform. CPS Technology and Communication students benefit from AWS virtual learning, especially students from the Cloud Computing course of the Novotec program, developed in partnership with AWS and one of the 31 courses offered by the Novotec Expresso modality.

Patricia Ellen emphasized that State Government’s commitment is to economic development and support for technology and innovation. “We are very happy, not only for the opportunity it represents for the people who will work in these data centers and the startups that will have access to this technology, but also for the technological leap that we will take to work with cyber security and anything that involves digital governance,” he said.