03/16/2020 16h01

Sun Mobi opens solar plant with the support from InvestSP

New unit in Porto Feliz starts operations with the supply of clean and sustainable energy for companies and homes in 27 cities in the state of São Paulo

InvestSP, SunMobi and DesenvolveSP

Entrepreneurs and the population of Porto Feliz and 26 other cities in the state now have solar energy without the need to install photovoltaic panels on the roofs. The Wanda Maria Bueno plant, with a capacity of 1 MWp, opened last Thursday, February 13. The project was financed by Desenvolve SP – The Entrepreneur’s Bank and supplies clean and renewable energy to consumers in the area served by the utility in the region.

Sun Mobi works on the shared energy generation model, which democratizes access to solar energy. “It is an option for consumers who live in rented properties, apartments or even those who are unable to make investments in a photovoltaic system,” says partner Guilherme Susteras. Distribution is made directly to customers, through the utility network.

InvestSP advises the company on the implementation of its investment projects. The agency’s team intermediated Sun Mobi’s relationship with the municipal government of Porto Feliz and has been assisting its expansion plan. By the end of 2020, Enertech intends to enable the structuring of projects that allow the expansion of its power station to 25.41 MWp. In terms of number of customers, the expectation is to reach 2,500 consumers when the expansion is completed.

“InvestSP works hard to make green economy investments feasible. The projects for clean energy power plants are examples of what we can bring in terms of investment to São Paulo. We have the potential and favorable conditions for more initiatives of this kind to be established in the state,” said the president of InvestSP, Wilson Mello.