12/05/2018 14h35

State of São Paulo offers consulting to strengthen the economy

Investe São Paulo's work is to foster the economic development by supporting from start-up companies to multinationals

Investe São Paulo

In ten years of activity in the São Paulo market, the focus of Investe São Paulo – Agência de Promoção de Investimentos e Competitividade – has been to work as a facilitator for all types of companies. As a social organization whose mission is to develop the State of São Paulo economically, Investe also works to increase exports, encourage innovation and improve the business environment.


Start-ups have Investe São Paulo's support to connect to the ecosystem through the pursuit of investors, mentoring or space for pitches. With a dedicated team, the São Paulo agency is focused on promoting the innovation and the development of new technologies. Since 2016, it has held the SP Conecta event, focused on start-ups, with the presence of public and private companies, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce, consulting companies and the foremost specialists in the 4.0 industry.

 Newly opened companies

Newly opened small and medium-sized companies are supported by Chega Mais team – a project in partnership with the Board of Trade of the State of São Paulo (JUCESP), based at Investe.  The entrepreneur faces challenges in the initial phase of their business due to lack of knowledge or experience, and sometimes they come across minor difficulties that make the venture unfeasible in the long term. Chega Mais is another tool for the performance of public policies for economic development in the State of São Paulo. For the company to stand out in the market, the team evaluates the phase of the venture and offers solutions for the business to improve.

 New business and expansion

In addition to the work with start-ups and the follow-up of new ventures, all companies can consult Investe São Paulo for free regarding tax, infrastructure, area location, and environmental issues. A team of experts monitors the whole process and acts as an interlocutor with government agencies.

 The work includes guidance to the investor regarding tax incentives in the State and in the cities of São Paulo, assistance with possible benefits for the installation and operation of the company, analysis of tax disputes and assistance to refer them to the entities.


Companies with products and services with export potential can resort to the Export Qualification Program (PEIEX), carried out by Apex-Brazil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). Investe São Paulo is responsible for the SP Export operational center, which provides services to companies installed within a radius of up to 100 km from the state capital. The program includes guidance on how to define market, price and how to adjust the packaging to the international market. All to help entrepreneurs improve or establish structured export strategies.

In 2 years, SP Export has served more than 200 companies and many of them have already started exporting to countries such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, as it is the case of Keep Cosmetics, Itallian Hairtech, among others. According to the International Business Center Network, the number of exporting companies has increased 60% in Brazil in the last 20 years and reached 25,400. In the State of São Paulo alone, there are 11,000 exporting companies.

 City Halls' Section

One of Investe São Paulo's duties is to guide city halls of the cities in the State of São Paulo to attract investment. On the website of the São Paulo agency, it is possible to register fields, lots, land and sheds available for new developments in a customized channel: City Hall's Section. The data entered in this exclusive section goes to the agency's database to be used according to the companies' demands.

 São Paulo in Maps

 ther tool is the São Paulo in Maps, where the investor can obtain economic, general and labor data from each of the 645 cities of the State of São Paulo. The resource enables the investor to consult land divisions, infrastructure, colleges and technical schools, incubators and technological parks available in the State of São Paulo. It is also possible to visualize the selection of companies by activity and compare cities.