01/13/2014 17h00

Government honors 16 companies that generated 8,300 jobs

Award highlights projects that relied on the support from Investe SP and have started operations; ceremony marked the unveiling of the new website

Investe SP

AGC, Ajinomoto, Caterpillar, Comil Ônibus, Duratex, Embraer, GE Transportation, Gerdau, Hyundai, IBM, John Deere, Liebherr, Martifer, Melhoramentos CMPC, Natura and Toshiba Medical do Brasil were honored by São Paulo State Government on Thursday, December 5, at the Noble Hall of Palácio dos Bandeirantes. Together, they invested approximately R$ 6.2 billion and created 8,388 jobs.

The honors were handled during the second edition of Investe São Paulo Award, organized by São Paulo's Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness. These are companies that have conducted investment projects in the State of São Paulo with the support from Investe SP and whose projects are already in operation. The mayors of the cities that welcomed these companies also attended the ceremony.

The Award Ceremony also included the launch of the website www.encontreumsocio.com.br, a free tool (english version coming soon) created by Investe SP to help entrepreneurs find partners, investors, agents, distributors and partners for the transfer of technology in any sector of the economy. There was also a presentation of the new layout of the agency’s institutional website (www.investe.sp.gov.br), including several new features to make life easier for entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in the state.

The event marked the 5th Anniversary of the agency, which so far has already announced 65 investment projects in the state, totaling R$ 21.3 billion and creating 49,700 jobs. According to the president of Investe SP, Luciano Almeida, the award was created to bring entrepreneurs closer to the state government.

“In addition to providing assistance free of charge, we also have the mission to act as a bridge between the private sector and government institutions. Investe SP Award was developed to gather entities, municipalities, institutional partners, diplomatic bodies and especially entrepreneurs who believe in the continuous development of the state,” said Almeida.

During the ceremony, there was also a video with the testimony of the chief editor of FDI Magazine, Courtney Fingar, about the classification of Investe São Paulo on the IPA Innovation Awards. It was the only Brazilian agency to be recognized with this award, awarded in the category “best practice/exchange initiative” for having created the professional exchange program with investment promotion agencies (IPAs) from other countries.

“The exchange program amazed us because it brings a different initiative for professional development, allowing the employees of the agency to learn from other companies and promote the State of São Paulo internationally at the same time. I hope other investment promotion agencies adopt this idea, since I only see benefits,” said Fingar.

An award certificate was sent from the headquarters of the entity that publishes the magazine, the Financial Times, in London, for the governor Geraldo Alckmin to handle to the president of the agency during the event.

“We are here to recognize the work of each one of you for the benefit of our citizens, creating jobs and opportunities. I would like to thank the work, effort and dedication. São Paulo is a partner of those who invest in our state generating wealth and opportunities,” said the State governor.

To the Secretary of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, Rodrigo Garcia, the award reinforces the role of the state in promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and attracting new investments. “The Government honors companies that believed in the infrastructure, in the good level of education, in the skilled labor when expanding their business and contributing to the acceleration of the state economy,” he said.

The president of Investe São Paulo also took the opportunity to talk about the importance of the network of strategic partners who help bring the agency closer to potential investors. “International investment promotion agencies, chambers of commerce, Apex, consulates and embassies. These are the partners who help us promote the State of São Paulo as an investment route, “he added.

Approximately 300 guests attended the awards ceremony, including top executives of the awarded companies and other investors supported by Investe SP, state and federal authorities, mayors, ambassadors, consuls, members of chambers of commerce from various countries, heads of institutes of research, education and technological development, as well as opinion leaders.

The honored companies
The first company to go on stage during the ceremony was AGC Vidros do Brasil, which has invested R$ 900 million in its glass factory in Guaratinguetá, creating 500 jobs. The company’s chairman Davide Capellino and the president Kei Yonamoto joined the city’s mayor, Carlos Moreira dos Santos, to receive the honor.

Then, the honor was given to the CEO of Ajinomoto do Brasil, Takaaki Nishii. The company invested R$ 47 million in the creation of an exclusive line for the production of Sazón in the unit located in Limeira, which generated 39 new jobs. The city’s mayor, Paulo Cezar Junqueira Hadich, also took the stage for the award.

Caterpillar Brazil was the next to go on stage, awarded for its R$ 20 million investment on a facility for the assembly of hoses and remanufacturing of engine parts. With the plant in Piracicaba, 80 new jobs were created. The mayor Gabriel Ferrato joined the company’s president Luis Carlos Calil to receive the honor.

Comil was honored for investing R$ 110 million in Lorena, in a new manufacturing plant of urban buses, hiring 500 new employees. The company’s chairman, Deoclécio Corradi, received the award along with the city mayor, Fábio Marcondes.

The Vice President of the Business Unit Wood of Duratex, Renato Aguiar Coelho, took the stage to receive the honor of his company along with the Secretary of Planning of Itapetininga, Juliana Leomil. The city houses the plant of Duratex, which has invested R$ 470 million to increase the production of MDF, creating 130 jobs.

Embraer was also honored for having invested R$ 50 million in the construction of a service center for executive aviation in Sorocaba. The project generated 250 new jobs. The city’s mayor, Antonio Carlos Pannuzio, received the award along with the director of customer support and executive aviation services, Edson Mallaco.

For the award of GE Transportation, the Secretary of Economic Development of Araraquara, Antonio Martins, the president and CEO for Latin America, Rogério Mendonça took the stage. The company invested R$ 1.5 million in a center for the maintenance of locomotives of América Latina Logística, which created 20 jobs.

To receive the honor of Gerdau, three mayors took the stage for the award that was handled to the company’s executive director of special steels in Brazil, Joaquim Guilherme Bauer, for the investments made in the cities of Pindamonhangaba, Araçariguama and Mogi das Cruzes.

The plant of Pindamonhangaba gained a new specialty steel rolling mill and a new continuous casting and heating furnace. At the event, the city was represented by mayor Marcelo Barbieri. In Araçariguama, a new production line for rolling steel was implemented. The mayor Roque Hoffman took the stage for the honor. And in Mogi das Cruzes, a new plant was built for the production of cut and bent steel. The Secretary of Economic and Social Development of the city, Osvaldo de Faria, also attended the event. The three investments totaled 281 new jobs and an investment of R$ 950 million.

Hyundai Motors Brazil was also honored at the event for its investment in Piracicaba to increase the production of vehicles HB20. The company was represented by its president William Lee. Hyundai invested R$ 60 million in expansion, creating 700 new jobs. The mayor of Piracicaba also attended the award ceremony.

IBM Brazil was honored for its investment in the Research Laboratory in São Paulo, which created approximately 100 new jobs. The director of the unit, Ulisses Thibes Mello, represented the company to receive the trophy.

The award was also handled to John Deere Brazil, which started this year the production of backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and excavators in Indaiatuba. The vice-mayor of the city, Antonio Carlos Pinheiro, accompanied the company’s director of Corporate Relations for Latin America, Alfredo Miguel Neto, during the ceremony. The investment of R$ 418 billion generated 600 new jobs.

Liebherr Brazil's initiative to rebuild its plant of components for the aircraft industry, in Guaratingueta, was also recognized during the ceremony. The company invested R$ 70 million, which include funds obtained through ICMS credits, and was able to keep 220 jobs. The mayor of Guaratinguetá, Francisco Carlos Moreira dos Santos, attended the event, and who received the award in hands was the Legal and HR manager, Lázaro Silva.

After Liebherr, Martifer Construções was honored for its investment of R$ 70 million in Pindamonhangaba. The new plant for the production of metal structures generated 700 jobs. The award was received by the company's chief financial officer, Marcos Maciel de Camargo, who took the stage along with mayor Vito Lerario.

The general director, Pedro Uerrechaga, of Melhoramentos CMPC, which invested R$ 100 million in the expansion of its plant in Caieiras, also received the company’s award. The plant and distribution center of papers generated 52 new jobs. The mayor of Caieiras, Roberto Hamamoto, also attended the event.

The penultimate company honored was Natura, which invested R$ 415 million in a distribution center and an administrative center in São Paulo. The project generated 2,000 jobs. The company’s vice president of logistics operations, Josie Romero, represented Natura and received the award.

Finally, Investe SP honored Toshiba Medical do Brasil, for having invested R$ 60 million in a new plant in Campinas, which created 40 jobs. The unit manufactures CT scanners, ultrasound equipment, among others. The company’s vice president, Michimasa Ishii, attended the award ceremony with the Secretary of Economic Development, Social Development and Tourism of the city, Samuel Rosilho.