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State government and Libbs promote launch of the first company to settle at Jaguaré Technology Park

Libbs Technology Center is the first project to be implemented at Jaguaré Technology Park, seeking to promote connections and stimulate innovation

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    Libbs is a 100% Brazilian pharmaceutical company, which will invest up to R$ 100 million in the Technology Center

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    The investment will have an impact on the economy, due to the innovation and the creation of new jobs

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    Among the guests, the event was attended by the State Governor Geraldo Alckmin, the CEO of Libbs Alcebíades Athayde Junior and the director of Investe São Paulo, Ermínio Lucci

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    The launching ceremony of Libbs Farmacêutica Technology Center took place at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, in São Paulo

The official launching ceremony of Libbs Farmacêutica Technology Center was held on April 20, at Palácio dos Bandeirantes, with the participation of the state governor Geraldo Alckmin and other important figures and partners, responsible for the development process of the Technology Park of the state of São Paulo, located in the city of São Paulo.This center will be the first project to be implemented at the Park, designed to promote connections in the health sector, in addition to research centers; nanotechnology; new drugs; information technology and usability and communicability for people with disabilities, integrating, in a single place, the public sector and private companies, and stimulating the creation, development and competitiveness of organizations focused on innovation.

Libbs, a 100% Brazilian pharmaceutical company, will invest up to R$ 100 million in its Technology Center.Once it is completed, it will unify the operations of the business, administrative, legal, regulatory, patent and clinical research areas with the pharmaceutical and drug development area.The address was strategically defined, due to its proximity to universities and research centers, such as University de São Paulo (USP), with which the company already promotes important projects.According to the company’s CEO, Alcebíades Athayde Junior, the intention is to build the new unit based on a high-tech model, inspired by the Sanford Consortium building, in San Diego, United States.

“Our building will have an architecture that stimulates creativity and interaction among professionals.As soon as our unit is established in Jaguaré, we will be neighbors of other development centers of the industry, in addition to USP, the Institute of Technological Research and Instituto Butantan,” says Junior.The CEO reinforced that with this space, Libbs will have a new dynamics in the development of its products, mainly because of the opportunity to interact with startups of the sector.For him, the proximity to this group accelerates some stages of projects that, sometimes, demand a longer time to be developed internally.“When we work with startups, we exercise a different dynamics of exchange, and being able to look at the big picture helps us think outside the box,” he says.

The project relied on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment and export promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo.“We have been assisting Libbs since the beginning of the project.It is addressed as a priority by our team due to the impact it is expected to generate on the economy, both for the innovation and the employment of highly qualified human capital,” said the Agency’s director, Ermínio Lucci.

The project, developed by the company Gesto Arquitetura, proposed an interactive space, an idea that adds benefits to Libbs investment.“We selected three companies and promoted a competition with architecture firms.After the presentations, we chose the one that surprised us the most and delivered what we expected,” says Junior.The CEO stressed that the space will cover an area larger than 20,000 square meters.“The purpose of our center is to promote the dissemination of science and encourage the exchange of experiences, creating a solid base for new investments,” he said.

About Libbs Technology Center:

  • Area covering 20,000 sq.m.
  • 31,000 sq.m. of built area
  • 6 floors and 1 underground
  • 7,000 sq.m. for office space and 7,000 sq.m. for laboratories
  • 1,300 sq.m. of free covered area for various purposes
  • 5,000 sq.m. of green area
  • 36 meeting rooms and 2 multipurpose rooms
  • 1 auditorium and 1 outdoor amphitheater
  • 1 dining hall
  • Sustainable building with natural lighting, water recycling and wind and solar power generation
  • Technological, integrated and collaborative environment
  • Large living area

About Libbs Farmacêutica

Libbs is a 100% Brazilian pharmaceutical company, in the market for 59 years, with approximately 2,500 employees.Currently, it ranked 9th in retail pharmaceutical market value.The company invests 12% of its turnover in R&D and innovation and sells approximately 90 brands through over 200 drug formulations, distributed in the following specialties:cardiovascular, gynecology, oncology, dermatology, respiratory, transplants and central nervous system.

Libbs was the first pharmaceutical company to implement the National Drug Control System (traceability).Recently, it inaugurated its Biotec, responsible for the production of biological drugs indicated to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, with single-use technology (production that uses bioreactors with disposable bags).For understanding that life goes beyond making drugs, the company also promotes a corporate social responsibility work by providing support to educational, cultural and sports projects focused on health, education and quality of life, always aiming at overcoming limitations.Its intention is to help people live life to the fullest and its aspiration is to be the most admired Brazilian pharmaceutical company in the world.