12/21/2018 11h49

"SP Conecta Cidades" Project launches in Barueri

The objective of the program is to encourage the cities to develop a start-up supporting ecosystem that is active.

Investe São Paulo

This December 5, Barueri hosted the launch of the first edition of the SP Conecta Cidades – an initiative of Investe São Paulo that aims to share initiatives that boost the business environment and the innovation culture in the cities of the State of São Paulo.

"The goal is to go out of the capital and contribute to the state of São Paulo's economic development through the potential of start-ups," said Franklin Ribeiro, head of the Start-up Ecosystem of the Agency.

Mauro Sérgio, communication director of Cioeste, co-organizer of the event, opened the event. Then, Ribeiro explained how the itinerant project should work and, mainly, how it should contribute to both the improvement of the local ecosystem and the promotion of innovation.

Entrepreneurs, executives, investors, representatives of the public sector and universities attended the event, which took place in a very relaxed and friendly environment for relationships. "There are many different interests, which is good. Many came seeking to be angel investors, others to learn how to create or accelerate a start-up, give or receive mentoring, or learn how to make good pitches," says Ribeiro.

This way of presenting oneself very quickly and succinctly, called a “pitch,” was addressed by Edgar Caetano, oratory instructor. He gave essential tips on how to make a well-structured and efficient pitch: "When you're selling your idea to an investor, there might not be a second chance; thus it's important to be well prepared," said Caetano, who also gave away a course to one of the attendees.

After the lectures and presentations, there was a moment for interaction and, according to Ribeiro, it has already yielded results: "We learned that this first contact has already brought some results between projects and angel investors. And this is the objective of SP Conecta Cidades – foster and encourage the development of the local ecosystem. Over time, any region of São Paulo can take their own steps and create a positive agenda," he concluded.

Next stop

In order to continue with SP Conecta Cidades, Investe São Paulo will work with representatives of the cities and the ecosystem of São Paulo. Interested cities, in turn, will have to seek the engagement of local representatives, promote joint work, propose places for meetings, and provide data for the mapping of start-ups.