03/24/2017 13h55

Sarstedt begins construction works of its first Brazilian plant

Supported by Investe São Paulo, the company will invest around 11 million Euro (almost 40 million Real) in a new production facility in Porto Feliz

Investe São Paulo

The Sarstedt Group, a German based global medical technology firm focused on disposables and instruments used in medicine and science, has announced this March, 2017, the building of its first plant in Brazil and Latin America in the city of Porto Feliz, about 120 km northwest of São Paulo city. The plant is expected to eventually produce major parts of company’s current product portfolio for the domestic and other Latin American markets. The investment project has been assisted by Investe São Paulo, the investment and exports promotion agency linked to the State Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation.

“We did some extensive work to help the company finding a suitable area, as well as providing strategic information about taxes, environmental permits, infrastructure and others. We are glad to see that Sarstedt sees the State of São Paulo as the best location for healthcare companies. In fact, this is a strategic sector for the State, therefore it gets our priority attention", explains Ermínio Lucci, investment director at Investe SP.

The project includes a production facility, a warehouse and an administration building that sum almost 6.000 square meters. The recent economic crisis in Brazil delayed the company’s plans for some time.

“High import duties and local competition were the reason for us to do the investment locally. It is also a bet on Brazil´s economic success in the future and a strong signal to our clients that we are here to stay and provide even better services and reliable product supply. We are ready to expand and bring new production lines to the new facility” says Vicente José Mazzeu da Silva, General Manager of Sarstedt Brazil.

 “About 422 million people are living in South America, and their demand for health services is growing continuously” explained Mr. Mazzeu. In a first step, Porto Feliz’s new facility will serve the Brazilian market first place, but it may ultimately support all Latin America.

The construction may start as early as in the second quarter of 2017 already. Sarstedt is in the very final stages of selecting the construction company and other services providers and does not receive any new bids.

About Sarstedt

Sarstedt is a world leader in the development, production, marketing and servicing of medical and laboratory products and equipment. Founded in 1961 in Germany, the company has now more than 2,500 employees, accounts for 13 production plants in Europe, North America and Australia and operates through more than 30 wholly owned subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide. The head office is located in Nümbrecht, in the German region of North Rhine – Westphalia. The Brazilian sales organisation was founded in 1999.

About Investe São Paulo

Investe São Paulo – the investment promotion agency of the State of São Paulo, linked to the Secretariat of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, is the gateway for companies intending to settle or expand their business in the most developed State in Brazil.

The agency provides free strategic information to help investors finding the best location for their venues. It offers tax, environment and infrastructure assistance, facilitating the relationship between private companies, public services providers and governmental institutions. All of that focused on enhancing economic development and innovation in São Paulo.

Another important mission of Investe SP is to encourage exports from small and medium companies, yet free of charge. It is also the Agency’s job seeking new businesses for the State all over the world, welcoming foreign delegations and promoting São Paulo’s image in Brazil and abroad as the major investment destination in Latin America.

For further information, access: www.en.investe.sp.gov.br