01/13/2014 18h00

São Paulo registers 20% increase in number of private investments in 2013

Number of projects announced in the period of one year have increased from 20 to 24; Investments total US$ 2.6 billion, creating 10,000 new jobs

Investe SP
Ruy Jobim Neto/SDECTI
Unveiling ceremony of the new Honda factory; automotive sector has led investments in 2013

The number of investments in the State of São Paulo in 2013 grew 20% in comparison with the previous year. Overall, 24 projects were announced by companies assisted by Investe São Paulo, São Paulo State government agency responsible for attracting new businesses to the State. Together, the companies have invested US$ 2.6 billion in the construction or expansion of their plants, generating 10,026 new jobs. In 2012, 20 projects were announced, totaling investments of US$ 2.1 billion.

The president of Investe SP, Luciano Almeida, stated that growth is a reflex of São Paulo's good momentum as of the last years. "The State has the best logistics infrastructure of the country, qualified workforce and a complete supply chain. These factors mean that we have good results year after year," he says. However, the flow of investments for 2014 should not exceed this level. "We started the year with a portfolio of projects worth US$ 4.4 billion. Not all of these investments will be realized until the end of the year, as each one has its maturation time, and it is estimated that in 2014 is less heated because of the crisis in Europe and the World Cup in Brazil," said Almeida.

Associated with the State Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation, Investe São Paulo – São Paulo’s Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Competitiveness gathers since 2008, when it was created, 67 announced projects, generating approximately 50 thousand direct jobs and US$ 9 billion in investments. 

By analyzing the investments by administrative region, it was established that Campinas was the location that most received investments in 2013. In total, nine companies invested together over US$ 941 million, generating 3,574 jobs. The highlight was Honda, which will invest US$ 463 million in the construction of its new plant in Itirapina, which will include approximately 2,000 employees.

The regions of São José dos Campos and Sorocaba are in second place, with 21% each, followed by the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo (RMSP), with 13% of the
investments announced.

The economic sector that most received investments in the State, with the support from the agency, was the automotive sector; 25% of the total. Next are the food and beverage and metalworking industry, both with 13%. The aerospace and defenses industry also appears well positioned, with 9% of the projects announced.

The companies that announced investments in the State in 2013, with support from Investe São Paulo, were: Air Products, Ajinomoto, Castrolanda Batavo, Dallas Aeronautical Services, Dialight, Dow Chemical Company, GE Transportation, Gruppo Fontana, GV do Brasil – Simec, Honda, Lenovo, Liebherr, Martifer, Melhoramentos CMPC, Mercedes-Benz, Metal One Shibaura, Metro-Shacman, Natura, Norac, Pirelli Pneus, TMD Friction, Toshiba Medical, Toyoda Gosei – GDBR and Wyndham. 

 How the Agency works

The goal of Investe São Paulo is to stimulate the competitiveness of the economy, technological innovation, reduction of regional inequalities and the generation of jobs and income for the population. Therefore, the Agency has a specialized team that offers free advice to investors.

These professionals are responsible for identifying the needs of investors who want to start or expand their ventures in the State, helping them to locate the area that best meets the needs of each business.

The agency’s role is also to inform the companies about the benefits available in the tax laws of the country and the state. In addition, Investe São Paulo also helps in the process to obtain environmental permits and contributes to the development of infrastructure in the vicinity of future production plants, making all the necessary relationships with local, state and federal agencies and entities, for the settlement of the new venture, as well as with the utilities of public services.

The Agency also proposes public policies and takes actions that contribute to attracting new domestic and international investments to São Paulo. The duties of Investe São Paulo include welcoming foreign delegations, presenting investment opportunities in the state, prospecting new business, providing information to contribute in the development of São Paulo, in addition to promoting the image of the state in Brazil and abroad as a destination of investments. For more information, please visit www.investe.sp.gov.br.