05/16/2018 10h33

‘Santo André-Colombia Mission’ promotes preparatory meeting for entrepreneurs

Event held at the headquarters of Investe SP exposed the guidelines of the project that seeks new investments and the creation of jobs; Mission takes place in early June

Investe São Paulo

After launching the project “Santo André-Colombia Mission”, which will take place in June, the municipal government of Santo André, through the Department of Development and Employment Generation, took the second step of the initiative on Friday (4). A preparatory meeting for entrepreneurs was held in São Paulo, at the headquarters of Investe SP (Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo). During the event, ideas were discussed aiming at creation of new opportunities for companies in the city, with the purpose of creating jobs and encouraging exports to the neighboring country.

The project was developed in partnership with ACISA (Commercial and Industrial Association of Santo André), CIESP (Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo), TecMobile and Sebrae (Brazilian Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises), and Investe SP, through the state government. “I’m very happy because this is the first time that a business mission in partnership with Investe SP is conducted at the initiative of the municipality. Santo André is taking companies by the hand and leading them to other market standards,” said Sérgio Costa, Director of Investe SP.

The event also brought two training panels for the participants. Luiz Rocha, foreign trade analyst at Apex-Brasil, and Alejandro Pelaez, director of ProColombia in São Paulo, brought information about the business scenario in Colombia. Paulo Brusqui, of Investe SP, spoke about the qualification of the companies for the Colombian market. Marcos Stahl, of Sebrae-SP, gave tips about the negotiation with foreigners and how the product samples will be sent. Finally, Claudinei Junior, of Banco do Brasil, showed data on products and services for export.

“Over the past 12 months we have consolidated as the city that most created jobs in the ABC region. This scenario is quite favorable to strengthen the relations with a growing country such as Colombia. This scenario creates an optimism for entrepreneurs in Santo André to export goods and build technical partnerships,” said Mayor Paulo Serra.

Colombia is among the most promising economies in Latin America. The country has been reporting economic growth for nearly ten consecutive years, with an annual average of 4%, according to data from the World Bank. In the country there are departments that answer questions related to legislation, taxation, in addition to informing which businesses most need investments.

According to the Deputy Secretary of Economic Development and Employment Generation, Evandro Banzatto, the project is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the city and for the recovery of the economy of Santo André.

“We stimulated the entrepreneurial spirit to seek new markets, getting out of the comfort zone. The training structure and experience in the mission will be a very rich experience in the life of each entrepreneur,” he said.