10/23/2015 13h48

Recycling plant for construction waste in Valinhos

Serello Ambiental’s project optimizes costs and facilitates the recycling chain of construction waste in the city, which qualifies it for the Green-Blue Municipality Certification (Município VerdeAzul)

Investe São Paulo

On October 10, Serello Ambiental announced that it will build a recycling plant in Valinhos. The recycling unit for solid waste from construction will serve the entire metropolitan region of Campinas and will provide to Valinhos, Vinhedo, Louveira and part of Campinas a closer destination to the disposal of waste, which is currently sent to Paulínia, Americana, Hortolândia or Várzea Paulista.

In total, the company will invest R$ 11.8 million to build the plant, which will employ approximately 14 people. The project relies on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation of the state of São Paulo.

“The responsible management of solid waste is one of the priorities of the state government, which is proud of having a modern and strict incentive policy to recycling,” said the president of the agency, Juan Quirós.

The plant will have capacity to receive 100 to 200 buckets per day, which are equivalent to 500 and may reach up to 1,000 cubic meters of waste per day. The material generated by the production plant such as gravel, 1- and 2-grading stones, limestone aggregate, cracked rock and sand will be consumed mainly in public and private works. Thus, they can be used, for example, in drains, base and sub-base paving, trench backfill, in masonry applications, walls, walkways, flooring, gutters and in the manufacture of ceramic and concrete pieces, such as bricks, blocks, etc. The plant will also produce wood chips to be used as biomass.

“We know the difficulties faced by the cities in the metropolitan region of Campinas in the disposal of this type of material. Therefore, with the arrival of Serello Ambiental, Valinhos shows its commitment by housing a company that can meet the growing demand in the construction market,” said the mayor of Valinhos, Clayton Machado.

“There is an increasing need to properly manage construction waste. Our expectation is to reduce disposal and shipping costs related to this type of waste, which can be fully recycled, returning to the market as a high-quality consumption material,” said the company’s director Pedro Serapião.

“Working with operational excellence and respect for the environment, Serello Ambiental is proud of being part of the sustainable development of Valinhos,” said the company’s director Rafael Cossiello.

About Serello Ambiental

Serello Ambiental was created in 2014 by Pedro Henrique Serapião and Rafael Di Falco Cossiello. Serapião is a mechanical engineer and has worked for companies such as Parker, Camozzi, MWV Rigesa and Ecotech Group over 12 years. Cossiello have a bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degree in chemistry from Unicamp, having worked for companies such as Natura, Oxiteno and Braskem over 8 years.