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Prysmian’s global center of excellence in Brazil receives support from Investe SP

Joint action should streamline and facilitate investments made by the Italian multinational in the expansion and modernization of the wire and cable plant in Sorocaba (SP)

Investe São Paulo
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    Meeting held at the city hall aimed at establishing the partnership between the institution, Investe SP and the company

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    Prysmian presented the expansion project and spoke about the sustainability of the new center

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    The press conference allowed journalists to ask questions about the expansion

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    The new plant will supply all of Latin America

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    The mayor gave the Sorocaba's flag and a pin with a symbol to the company's CEO

São Paulo, May 2017 – The construction of Prysmian’s Global Center of Excellence in Brazil, with investments amounting to approximately R$ 150 million, will rely on the support provided by Investe São Paulo for the implementation of the project.

The purpose of the partnership is to maintain a constant dialogue with public agencies, in order to facilitate the decision-making process in the financial, environmental, legal and infrastructure areas.It also provides for the incentive to partnerships between private and public sector for the management of technology parks and research centers in order to promote innovation, science and technology.

Prysmian Group’s new center of excellence will consume R$110 million in the expansion and modernization of the wire and cable plant in Sorocaba (SP) and R$ 40 million in the company’s unit in Argentina.

The launch of the new center shows the organization’s commitment to the growth and strengthening of the Brazilian and South American markets in the energy and telecommunications markets.Once fully operational, it will be a competitive hub to serve the local wire and cable market, as well as to expand the exports of the current product lines.

According to Prysmian’s CEO for South America, Marcello Del Brenna, investments in this new structure show the company’s commitment to the Brazilian and South American markets and the willingness to pursue growth in these regions.“The investment in Brazil is part of the company’s strategic plan to further strengthen our global operational capacities, making us even more efficient and competitive,” says Del Brenna.

According to the mayor of Sorocaba, José Crespo, Prysmian’s investments are the result of the city’s high potential to attract industrial capital, whether national or foreign.“This is a highly significant project for the city, as it accelerates the local economy, with the creation of new jobs and the expansion of the technology park in the region,” says Crespo.

According to the director of Investe São Paulo, Sérgio Rodrigues Costa, the partnership seeks to promote an articulation with relevant public and private entities to facilitate Prysmian’s investment in this project.“We also provide incentive to the exports of producers operating in São Paulo, assisting in the dialogue with public agencies, national and international associations and the private initiative,” saidCosta.Announcement

The project was announced during a press conference held at the city hall of Sorocaba, during which the project manager of Investe SP Alexandre Marx spoke about the company’s support in the project.The mayor Jaqueline Coutinho also spoke about the importance of Prysmian’s project for the city, along with the secretary of Development, Roberto Freire.Representing the company were the director Lucimar Pivetta, the factory manager Alfredo Rodrigues and the project leader, Jorge Hanmal.The week before, a group of executives of Prysmian, including Del Brenna, welcomed at the plant, in addition to Marx, the director of Institutional Relations of Investe SP, Sérgio Costa, and the secretary Roberto Freire.The meeting was also followed by a lunch with mayor Crespo.

About Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry.With nearly 140 years of experience, sales of over €7.5 billion in 2016, 19,000 employees across 50 countries and 82 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and offers the widest possible range of products, services, technologies and know-how.It operates in the businesses of underground and submarine cables and systems for power transmission and distribution, of special cables for applications in many different industries and of medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors.For the telecommunications industry, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for voice, video and data transmission, offering a comprehensive range of optical fibers, optical and copper cables and connectivity systems.  Prysmian is a public company, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in the FTSE MIB index.

The company has been in the South American market since 1917 and is currently a leader in solutions for cables and systems.It has units in Argentina (1), Brazil (7) and Chile (1), as well as commercial offices.The main products are electrical wires and cables, accessories and services directed to the energy transmission and distribution segments, civil construction, industry in general, automobile industry, oil extraction, telecommunications, data transmission and optical fibers.