04/26/2021 13h00

Pet Society invests R$ 35 million and opens a new factory in Guarulhos

InvestSP provided support to the company’s investment project, which increased its production capacity by over 300%


In the year it celebrates its 17th anniversary, Pet Society, the largest national company of pet hygiene products, opened its new factory on March 31, in Guarulhos.With an investment of R$ 35 million, the unit increased the company’s installed production capacity by over 300%, soaring from 150 ton/month to 530 ton/month, and will employ approximately 200 people in its operationalization in the coming years.

Pet Society emerged from the analysis that it was possible to implement in the pet market the same quality standard used in the manufacture of products for human beings.Since its foundation, the company has been investing in research and innovation to develop new product lines that meet the needs of animals while respecting the environment.

The new unit covers an area of 7,100 m², in which the company invested in automation technologies within the concept of industry 4.0 and IOT.The new production equipment enables the production process to be monitored and controlled remotely through a mobile application.The company acquired 8 new mixing and emulsification reactors that produce special formulations that can be sold to the most demanding markets.

The company, which already exports its production to 39 countries, has seen an increasing demand for the products developed at its R&D center in São Paulo.Pet Society has a subsidiary in the United States, the largest global market, 10 times larger than the Brazilian market.Sales growth at the US subsidiary is close to 80% in recent years.Currently, exports represent between 10% and 15% of the company’s revenue and indicate a growth trend.

InvestSP provided support to the company during the construction process of the factory.The Investment Promotion Agency assisted Pet Society in the dialogue with public utilities and with Desenvolve SP for the granting of a credit facility for part of the construction works.

“We are proud to have provided support to Pet Society’s investment.A company from São Paulo that develops high quality products, and that has been growing in the international market.We want more and more companies from São Paulo to conquer the world,” said the president of InvestSP, Wilson Mello.

“The experience of working with InvestSP was very productive.The efficiency of the agency’s team in providing us with the information was a plus.They directed us to institutions that could help us overcome obstacles to our project,” said Luciano Fagliari, president of Pet Society.

Fagliari sees a promising future for the pet market in the coming years.The use of animal hygiene products is expected to grow due to the fact that people spend more time at home.The growth projection for some product lines is optimistic.The executive plans to double sales with dermatological and ophthalmic products in the coming years.

The new plant will help this growth.The company was authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) to produce veterinary drugs in Guarulhos.Thus, the company will manufacture the drugs it develops and which were being produced by third-party companies.