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Over 700 people attend event promoted to bring together ecosystem of startups

Held at the headquarters of Investe SP, SP Conecta brought together 40 exhibitors and six presentations for entrepreneurs from across the state in a relaxed atmosphere with no paperwork

Investe São Paulo
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    In addition to six presentations, 40 exhibitors were available

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    “Success comes from failure. Never be afraid to make mistakes,” said Juan Quirós

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    Over 700 entrepreneurs were assisted at the event

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    The intention was to connect entrepreneurs with the various entities that support innovation and companies in one place

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    Cláudio Terra, of Hospital Albert Einstein, talked about startups in the health sector

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    Luis Ortega, from Braskem, explained the open innovation program of the company

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    Paulo Castello spoke about his experience with his startup, Fhinck

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    Bruno Rondani reinforced the importance of the ecosystem for the development of a startup

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    For Karla Bertocco, public administrators should increasingly start using services and products of startups

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    “Startups need strategy to sustain themselves and be relevant in the market,” said Kokron

On August 30, more than 40 institutions that provide support to the ecosystem of innovation in the state of São Paulo were available to assist over 700 people at the headquarters of Investe São Paulo. The structure was part of SP Conecta, an event promoted by the export and investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo.

The schedule involved presentations and case studies, seeking to create new connections between entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, academics, associations and governments to accelerate the development of startups from São Paulo. In addition, the startups had the opportunity to get closer to large companies and innovative corporations.

“The event, held at the Technology Park of Jaguaré, had a relaxed atmosphere and consolidates the headquarters of Investe SP and the Department of Economic Development as a hub to encourage innovation,” said the president of Investe SP, Juan Quirós, who welcomed the participants of the event.

Check out the institutions present at the event:

Financing institutions: BNDES, Desenvolve SP, Fapesp, Finep, Inseed
Accelerators and incubators: ACE, Artemísia, Baita, Berrini Ventures, Cietec, Liga Ventures, Startup Farm, Techstars
Academia and technology parks: Agência USP de Inovação, Inova Paula Souza, Inova Sorocaba (Hubiz), Inova Unicamp, Technology Park of São José dos Campos
Companies: Braskem, Einstein, Embraer, Flex, GE Healthcare, IBM, Instituto Tim, Natura, Qualcomm
Associations: ABStartups, Anpei
Government: Apex-Brazil, Investe SP, IPT, Jucesp, Mdic, Government Secretariat (Pitch Gov SP)
Other supporting players: Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Germany, Cubo, Endeavor, Fiesp/CAF, Innovators, Sebrae, Wennovate.


The first presentation of SP Conecta was performed by Cláudio Terra, director of Innovation and Knowledge Management of Hospital Albert Einstein, who talked about startups in the health area. According to him, the hospital is willing to test new technologies along with these entrepreneurs. “We explore the opportunities with them, participating in the development of several projects,” he said. “The world will be increasingly different in this area,” he said.

Luis Ortega, Manager of Sustainable Development at Braskem, also talked about the open innovation program of his company. “Braskem includes the startups in the value network to gain support and networking,” he said.

The third presentation was made by Paulo Castello, founder and CEO of Fhinck. Castello spoke about the development of his startup, founded in 2014, focused in the development of technologies and business management solutions. He discussed some important topics about how startups can approach large companies and advised: “Without the ecosystem, it will be ten times more difficult to enter the market. Join the ecosystem to be recognized for solutions that are looking for innovation”.

Head of Wenovate, chairman of Open Innovation Week and founder of the movement 100 Open Startups, Bruno Rondani, also made a presentation on open innovation through this type of venture. He also reinforced the importance of the ecosystem for the development of a project. “Startups have little opportunity to implement by themselves. That is why the ecosystem and venture capital are important,” he said.

Innovation within the state of São Paulo was the subject of the presentation made by Karla Bertocco, Subsecretary of Partnerships and Innovation of the Government Secretariat of the State of São Paulo. “There is a certain discrepancy between the entrepreneurs’ vision, who believe they can solve everything, and the public administrator, which is more bureaucratic. Pitch Gov was created to listen to these innovative entrepreneurs. After the creation of the program, public administrators were more excited and now want to solve almost all problems through startups,” he said.

The last presentation was made by Qualcomm’s Vice President and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures for Latin America, Carlos Kokron. He leads the company’s open innovation program, working, according to him, to “anticipate the future” and provide support for the companies to develop technologically. “For us, entrepreneurs need more than just money or a brilliant idea. They need strategy to sustain themselves and be relevant in the market,” he said.