12/02/2021 14h46

New York Mission seeks to attract investments to São Paulo State

Agency representatives, Governor João Dória, and a group of secretaries and businessmen arrived in the city at December the 1st


São Paulo, December 2nd, 2021 – A delegation composed of businessmen and authorities from the state of São Paulo landed in New York, USA, this Wednesday (1st) for five days of business events and rounds of negotiations with representatives from various economic sectors. The New York Mission is organized by InvestSP, São Paulo's Investment Promotion Agency. The group is composed of Gustavo Junqueira, the Agency's president, João Dória, Governor of the State of São Paulo, Julio Serson, Patricia Ellen, and Henrique Meirelles, Secretaries of State for International Relations, Economic Development, and Finance, respectively, in addition to business people from the most diverse segments.

The Mission's objectives are to attract foreign investment to São Paulo and to help São Paulo companies to win the foreign market, which fosters the generation of jobs and income within the State. Participants will be able to meet and network with potential investors and representatives of giants in the financial and technology sectors, for example. The agenda includes events with professionals from Citi, Cornell Tech, Goldman Sachs, Hudson Yards, Nasdaq, BlackRock, Tishman Speyer, and New Lab. Meetings with authorities are also planned, including the New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams.

“The State of São Paulo and North America have a solid business partnership. São Paulo is recognized by its ability to compete in the global markets, standing out as a leader in agribusiness, innovation, creative economy, and several other sectors. Therefore, the state is more than suitable to strengthen ties with countries of the continent, specially with USA, the world's largest economy, a country whose investments in Brazil have grown by almost 70% in recent years, and whose affiliates employ nearly 600,000 Brazilians,” said Gustavo Junqueira, president of InvestSP.

On this morning, InvestSP opened its new office in New York. The structure will support São Paulo businesspeople who want to negotiate not just with the United States, but with all of North America. The office will also work to attract investments to São Paulo. This will be InvestSP's 4th international office – the other three are located in Shanghai, China, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and in Munich, Germany.

New York is considered the world's financial capital, the largest global trading center in capital markets, and home of the main American investment banks and several international organizations. The city is also the main source of greenfield investments in Brazil, accounting for US$ 11.4 billion between 2008 and 2017, which represents 18% of the total. São Paulo was the main beneficiary, with the generation of nearly 50,000 jobs.