09/18/2017 15h38

Natura opens its headquarters in São Paulo

The Project supported by Investe SP has the capacity to employ over 1,6 thousand people

Investe São Paulo
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    Investe SP has already supported two projects of Natura in São Paulo State

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    Alckimin talked about the importance of Natura for the State and for the country

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    Many authorities were part of the event

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    The new headquarter has the capacity to to employ over1,6 thousand people

On August, 31st, Natura opened its new administration headquarters, the Nasp (Natura São Paulo), located in the West of the State of São Paulo capital. The director of Investe São Paulo, Sergio Costa, took part in the opening ceremony, which was closedby the state governor, Geraldo Alckmin.

“We are proud of having a Brazilian company, now a global player, present in a third of the world. It  an asset for the country, to have good companies, investments and  the expression of trust in São Paulo”, He claimed.  For Alckmin, another positive fact about Natura Cosmetics it is that the company has disabled people among its employees. “They are 16% that may reach up to 30%”. It is a beautiful work, he praised.

“We are very proud of being partners of a company that promotes sustainability, variety and innovation. Our team is ready to support Natura in any expansion project inside São Paulo State, says Costa. The agency supports the Nasp project since 2015 and since 2013 it has been assisting the company at the construction of the logistic hub in Itupeva.

The building, that holds more than 1,6 thousad employees besides those located in the Distribuition Center, celebrates a new expansion moment of Natura. As an architectural landmark, Nasp, it was projected to value the brand and improve one of the most importante pillars for the company: the philosophy of gathering spaces and people throughout relationships.

The architectural language of the new headquarter links with Cajamar’s structure, where Natura’s industries are settled in the state, to rescue and reinforce the choices made in 2001 that claimed how the company organizes the space: opened and permeable environments that promotes the connection between people and nature. All the front of the building is covered with glass which favours the integration of internal and external – in particular the forest outside.

To promote even more the integration between the different areas of Natura, Nasp gathers, at the Consulting Experience Central, the sales, logistics and operations, technology and facilities teams. The central follows Natura’s business in real time to offer a better service for the consultants, customers, sale’s strength  and contributors.

Nasp inauguration  matches a very important moment for Natura, a moment of big transformations such as the sales revitalization through relationships and the company’s internationalization development with “The Body Shop” acquisition, claims João Paulo Ferreira. “Nasp supports our logistics network, but, more than that, it expresses our desire of putting the Beauty Consultant of Natura in the center of our decisions, with a center dedicated to bring solutions for its success”, he explains.

The new headquarter was also created to reinforce the exchange among the employees. There are 55 smart meeting rooms, more than 110 places for informal meetings, multiple tasks space for meetings, rooms for activities that demands focus or privacy and an auditorium. The local infrastructure still counts with a restaurant to receive about 500 people simultaneously, local nursery retailer, health space, wellness area, bank, cafeteria and drugstore and so other facilities for the employees.

Sustainable Construction

With a Project made by Dal Pian Arquitetos, the administrative building is linked to the distribution center, which reached the total operation capacity last year. In total, there are more than 65 thousand square meters of constructed area to which the concern with acessibility is central. At the administrative building, there are four panoramic elevators, access ramps and walkways that makes the locomotion easier. Besides that, the Distribuition Center was created to offer job opportunities to physical and cognitive disabled people. The separation line uses “picking by light” technology. It allows disabled people to separate products with lights that indicates the tasks to be done in an intuitive manner. Nowadays, about 16% of the Distribuition Center’s employess are disabled people.

The new headquarter of Natura is located at a strategical point in the city, next to the 13th km of Anhanguera highway, with an easy interligation to many other neighborhoods in town and fast access to Anhanguera and Castello Branco Highway, besides Marginal Tietê.

About Natura

Founded in 1969, Natura is a Brazilian cosmetics, hygiene and beauty products multinational. Leader in direct sales in Brazil, it registered R$ 7,9 billions in investments in 2016.  It has more than seven thousand employees, 1,8 millions of consultants and operations in the USA, France, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina. It was the first opened capital company to get the B Corp certification in the world, in December, 2014, which reinforces its transparent and sustainable performance  at social, environmental and economical aspects. The structure of the company is composed by factories in Cajamar (SP) and Benevides (PA), eight distribuition centers in Brazil, one logistical hub in Itupeva (SP) and Research and Technology centers in São Paulo (SP) and New York (USA). Natura has the control of the Australian Cosmetics factory Aesop, with stores in countries such as Oceania, Asia, Europe and North America.