04/10/2015 11h18

Nacco opens a forklift plant in Itu

The company, which has received assistance from Investe São Paulo, invested R$ 40 million, creating 300 jobs

Investe São Paulo
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    The company has been assisted by Investe São Paulo since 2012

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    Governor Geraldo Alckmin took the opportunity to highlight Itu's suitable infrastructure

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    The new plant consists of 19 thousand square meters

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    Were hired 300 new employees for the plant

Governor Geraldo Alckmin attended the opening ceremony of Nacco's new forklift plant in Itu, held on April 1. The company is part of the US holding company Hyster-Yale Materials and is one of the five world leaders in the sector.

Nacco has been assisted by Investe São Paulo since 2012 and invested R$ 40 million to build a plant of 19 thousand square meters, which began operations this week with 300 employees.

"An investment of this extent is a major demonstration of confidence in Brazil. I wanted to congratulate you for choosing one of the best cities in Brazil, with great infrastructure, near the Castello Branco highway, extremely skilled labor, now with a FATEC. We have a program called Pró-Veículo in which we return the VAT for investments in the State of São Paulo and we see here such a large investment in Itu", said the governor during the event.

The company has chosen Itu in view of its municipal infrastructure, easy logistics access and proximity to the Viracopos Airport.

"The plant is ready, but the assistance provided by Investe São Paulo is not over. We are committed to continue providing support for the company to prosper and increasingly contribute to the state's economic development", said the president of Investe São Paulo, Juan Quirós.

According to Nacco, the new plant design reinforces the company's commitment to the Brazilian materials handling market. The machines manufactured by the company are always developed with a view to better ergonomics, focusing on the comfort and safety of users.

About Nacco and Hyster-Yale.

NMHG (NACCO Materials Handling Group Limited) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US holding company, Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.. Hyster-Yale, through its subsidiaries, is a global leader in design, engineering, production, marketing and customer service. Forklifts and components are produced in various production units around the world, such as in: The United States, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, China and Brazil. In the year 2014, the holding company Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc globally earned 2.767 billion dollars.

In Brazil, the company operates since 1957, when it deployed its first production plant in São Paulo, within the district of Santo Amaro, and a second plant in the south of the city. The company's forklifts are in the market through the brands Hyster, Yale and Utilev.