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Mission promoted by Investe SP takes companies to explore markets in Argentina

Entrepreneurs participate in workshop and prepare to find business opportunities in the neighboring country in the first week of November

Investe São Paulo
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    During the panel, export experts discussed the scenario and business opportunities in Argentina

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    Among the participants were not only those registered to participate in the mission, but also companies that participate in the Peiex

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    “We hope that this workshop is a springboard for the success of you business with Argentine companies,” said the director, Sérgio Costa

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    The owners of Peg Açaí intend to use the mission to initiate the internationalization process of its products

After 24 years manufacturing metal housing modules in Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo, Brasmodulos, for the first time, will sell its housing containers to another country: Argentina. Exports have not begun yet, but with the trade mission held in the beginning of November by Investe SP in partnership with Apex-Brazil, the internationalization is one step closer to becoming reality.

“We were already interested in finding opportunities in foreign markets and we realized that it would be possible to explore countries in South America due to the facilitated logistics. We felt the need to improve ourselves and found this wonderful project, with so many nice people that motivated us to bring our products to Argentina,” said José Roberto Macedo, company representative.

Brasmodulos will not only participate in the mission, but is also signing up to be assisted by the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex), operationalized by Investe SP in partnership with Apex-Brazil.

The açaí maker Peg Açaí started operations less than a year ago and foresees an opportunity in the action, to put into practice the company’s internationalization plans.

“We will study the consumption habits of people in Argentina and meet potential customers. Our goal is to sell açaí as a product of high nutritional value that can be part of their diet just as many Brazilians do,” said the company’s spokesman Geraldo Ramos.

According to him, the company’s long-term goal is to sell to large food brands in any market, including the United States. And the mission will help the company begin the process through South America.

Preparatory course

Ramos and Macedo were two of the 50 participants of the preparatory workshop for the Sao Paulo-Argentina mission held on October 6 at the headquarters of Investe São Paulo.

The meeting brought together representatives of companies registered not only to participate in the mission to the neighboring country, but also the entrepreneurs registered in the Peiex division (Industrial Export Extension Project) operationalized by Investe SP in partnership with Apex-Brazil.

“We have a great opportunity. Argentina is experiencing a moment of openness to the world with the new government of President Maurício Macri. The state of São Paulo has a share of over 54% of Brazilian companies exporting to Argentina. And we will increase this figure with more than 100 companies that will be with us in Buenos Aires. This is the advice of Governor Geraldo Alckmin,” said the president of Investe SP, Juan Quirós.

“It is an honor to accompany so many companies to enter new markets. We hope this that workshop is a springboard for the success of you business with Argentine companies,” said the director Sérgio Costa, who opened the event.


The seminar started with the panel “Business outlook and opportunities in Argentina,” moderated by the manager of Apex-Brazil in São Paulo, Francisco Luna, with the participation of Ilan Avrichir, Professor of International Strategy at ESPM, Fabrizio Panzini, expert in Policies and Industry of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and Ricardo Santana, Export manager of Investe SP.

“Any company can travel to learn more about a market, but when they rely on the support from organizations such as Apex-Brazil and Investe SP to provide support and strategic knowledge, the negotiations are much more efficient,” said Panzini.

Ricardo Santana mentioned some of the reasons that are making so many companies search new business in Argentina. “According to the IMF, Argentina will grow more than the average reported by the world market in recent years, and we are currently experiencing a moment of great relationship between them and Brazil,” he said.

In the second part of the event, the participants attended a presentation given by Silvana Gomes, expert in Business Management and Foreign Trade and Export Coordinator at Investe São Paulo, on how to prepare for international trade missions.

Then, Natalia Muto, who also integrates the Export division of Investe SP, talked about the schedule of the trade mission along with Florência Gomes, from Hochmann International. Hochmann was hired to find potential business partners for companies from São Paulo in Argentina and invite them to the business rounds that will be held during the action.

About the mission

The purpose of the mission São Paulo-Argentina is to bring the two regions closer in terms of trade, taking a larger amount of products from the financial and industrial heart of Brazil to Argentina. In addition, the mission is part of a series of actions that have been promoted to bring the two countries institutionally closer.

For this mission, Investe SP and Apex-Brazil will also rely on the partnership with the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), which selected the participants of Texbrasil, an Internationalization Program of the Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry and the Ethanol Local Productive Arrangement (APLA), which brings together agents from the sugarcane agro-industrial chain. Check out the full coverage of the first action of this kind promoted by Investe SP.

Both trade missions promoted by the Agency in 2016 and the operationalization of Peiex integrate the SP Export program - São Paulo Export Support Program.

About SP Export

Coordinated by Investe São Paulo and created by the Department of Economic Development, Science and Technology and Innovation, São Paulo Export Support Program – SP Export – seeks to increase the volume of exports from São Paulo, encourage the exporting culture in its business community and help state companies find foreign markets for their products and services.

The initiative relies on the support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), as part of the National Exporting Culture Plan (PNCE), through an agreement.

The program includes missions of Brazilian companies for prospecting international markets, support to the arrival of potential buyers and foreign exporters, training seminars, in addition to the service provided free of charge through the Industrial Export Extension Project (Peiex), of Apex-Brazil, and Poupatempo do Exportador, an itinerant initiative that brings information from different institutions to the main metropolitan areas of the state.