03/06/2023 13h41

Mecalor invests BRL 25 million in tripling the factory and generates 600 new jobs

The company, a supplier of thermal engineering solutions, relied on the supported provided by InvestSP and will increase the production capacity of its plant located in São Paulo


Mecalor, an international reference in the production of thermal control machines and equipment, announced an investment of BRL 25 million in tripling its plant in the city of São Paulo, generating 100 direct and 500 indirect jobs.The expansion project was assisted by InvestSP, the State Government’s investment promotion agency, and the company's expectation is that it will pave the way for the production of new lines of products developed in 2022, in addition to helping to meet the growing export demand, mainly to Latin America, and new orders from its branch in Mexico.

The company develops solutions for industries in Brazil and other countries in the Americas, mainly in the plastic, hospital, food, pharmaceutical and automotive segments, in addition to having an exclusive business division for the air conditioning market, served by the Klimatix brand.With this investment, Mecalor believes it is finally ready to meet the strategic growth and diversification goals until 2030.

“The new production line that we implemented in our unit in Parque Novo Mundo, in São Paulo, is part of a long-term plan, we are looking at 10 years from now.New families of products will be released from this factory, designed to meet the current and future market needs,” said the CEO of Mecalor, János Szegö.

“We are proud of the expansion of Mecalor, a company from São Paulo that invests in its production capacity to conquer new clients in the international market and generates jobs and income in São Paulo.This shows that InvestSP is on the right track.Our job is to help companies find a free path to grow and contribute to the progress of the state economy,” says the president of InvestSP, Rui Gomes Junior.

With Mecalor’s project, the total investments already announced in the state capital, by companies assisted by InvestSP, exceeded the mark of BRL 2.2 billion, generating almost 10,000 jobs.