03/09/2017 11h28

Mayor of Gavião Peixoto seeks support from Investe SP to create industrial district

Agency’s director, Sérgio Costa, determines studies to encourage investments in the city

Investe São Paulo
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Gavião Peixoto has the longest runway in South America, with 5 kilometers

The mayor of Gavião Peixoto, Gustavo Piccolo, asked Investe São Paulo to provide support to the implementation of an industrial district in the city, where Embraer’s defense aircraft development sector is located, and whose economy is directly related to the performance of the aerospace company.Gavião Peixoto has the longest runway in South America, with five kilometers, which enabled Embraer to develop the KC-390 aircraft, to be produced in scale in the city.

The mayor was assisted by the agency’s director, Sérgio Costa, and analyst, Thiago Messena, who promptly volunteered to conduct a study and show examples of successful industrial districts in small cities.Gavião Peixoto has 5000 people and is 28 km away from the city of Araraquara.

Investe SP will study the legal, infrastructure and environmental aspects of the areas available in the city, seeking to provide safety to future investors.“The aerospace and defense sector is relevant and strategic to the state of São Paulo,” said Costa, who will bridge the relations between the municipality of Gavião Peixoto and Desenvolve São Paulo, to find incentives to the sector.

The mayor Gustavo Piccolo said that much of the city’s revenue depends directly on the performance of Embraer.“It is important to encourage the implementation of an industrial district for future suppliers of the company, and also to bring other activities that generate jobs and income to our city.And the role of Investe SP is key to this project,” said the mayor.

He will also appoint an officer to provide information about the municipality to the Area of Municipalities, a tool of the agency’s website that promotes a direct interaction between municipal administrators and technical officers of Investe SP.