07/01/2016 16h40

Maxion Wheels opens new aluminum wheel plant in Limeira

The new plant, which relied on the support from Investe São Paulo, will generate approximately 500 jobs as soon as the project is fully implemented

Investe São Paulo
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In this first phase of the new aluminum wheel plant of Maxion Wheels, production should reach 800,000 wheels per year

On June 21, Maxion Wheels, a division of Iochpe Maxion S/A, opened its new aluminum wheel plant in Limeira. The plant is located on the same site of the unit that produces steel wheels for light-duty vehicles.

The second plant in the city will produce aluminum wheels for light-duty vehicles, generating approximately 500 jobs as soon as the project is fully implemented. In this first phase of the new aluminum wheel plant, production should reach 800,000 wheels per year, and in the second phase, the production capacity should increase to two million wheels per year.

According to Marcos Oliveira, CEO of Iochpe-Maxion, the new plant will meet the high demand of the domestic market for vehicles with this type of wheel. “Brazilian consumers follow a global trend in search of more sophisticated vehicles, more complete, and the aluminum wheels will become a requirement in the new car models,” he said. In addition to this investment in Limeira, recently Maxion Wheels has expanded by 50% the production capacity of its plant in the city of Santo André, São Paulo, which also produces aluminum wheels and today we reap the fruits of the growing market demand.

Don Polk, President of Maxion Wheels for the Americas, highlighted the commitment of employees as a predominant factor for the success of this new plant. “Even in this moment of severe economic crisis, Maxion Wheels continues to lead the wheel industry due to the commitment and effort put forth by our employees. We produce a key safety component for the mobility of the world, the wheels. As our slogan says, “Wheels Matter!” In order to achieve a high level of excellence in our products and services we rely on our people, thanked the President.

The decision to choose the city of Limeira and surrounding region occurred naturally. The great relationship with the community and the fact that the company already has a production plant in the city, with pre-structured logistics, technological and development know-how established in the Center of Excellence, providing great synergy for the business, weighed in favor of the decision. In addition, the inner cities of São Paulo state have become a competitive automotive hub, with an extensive supply chain, the presence of major global automakers with new plants, and high investments and expansions of existing units.

The plant in Limeira relied on the support from Investe São Paulo, the investment promotion agency of the State Government, associated with the Department of Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation and the Municipality of Limeira, through the Department of Development of Limeira, among other bodies.

“Maxion Wheels is another evidence of the continuous development of the state of São Paulo, whose governance allows investors to feel confident in the future. Also, we have the best infrastructure and the most complete supply chain of the automotive sector in the country. I’m sure this project will be a success,” said the president of Investe SP, Juan Quirós.

About Maxion Wheels

Maxion Wheels is the leading manufacturer of wheels for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial trucks and trailers. The company also produces steel wheels for agriculture and military vehicles as well as other off-road applications. With more than 100 years of experience in wheel production, Maxion Wheels is the biggest wheel manufacturer in the world, producing around 60 million wheels per year. The Company serves global car manufacturers with operations in 12 countries on 5 continents and has advanced technology centers in the Americas (Limeira), Europe and Asia.

In partnership with Iochpe Foundation, Maxion Wheels implemented in the units of Limeira, Cruzeiro and San Luis Potosí (Mexico), a project called Escola Formare (Formare School), which aims to offer development opportunities for the low-income young people of the community. The project includes 67 schools in 46 partner companies, and has already provided training to approximately 17.5 million young people in units located in Brazil and Mexico and now takes another important step towards its global growth, with a new school at Maxion Wheels in Chihuahua, also in Mexico.

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“Maxion Wheels continues to lead the wheels industry due to the commitment and effort of our employees,” said Don Polk