04/02/2018 11h37

MARS opens production line in Guararema

Company strengthens expansion strategy in Brazil with the launch of express rice, a product that creates a new category in the market

Investe São Paulo
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    The products were developed considering the habits of the Brazilian, the world’s second largest  consumer of rice

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    Production hits the market on April 2

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    For the mayor, it is a pride for the population of Guararema to see products that are produced there being consumed all over the country

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    The company’s vice president was enthusiastic about the product and said he will take it to share with his team in London

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    “We work as part of your team,” said Sérgio Costa

Mars, one of the largest food companies in the world, opens the doors of a new unit today (March 20), located in the company’s industrial complex in Guararema (SP). The new factory will be responsible for the national production of the express rice, a launch of the company’s food division, called Mars Food, which already produces the UNCLE BEN’S®, RÁRIS® and MASTERFOODS® in Brazil. The opening expands the company’s operations in the region, which already produces on this site M&M’s® and TWIX® chocolates, in addition to the Food line products.

The launch marks the beginning of the production and sale of an innovative category of products in the country: the Express line, of UNCLE BEN’S® and RÁRIS® brands. With products without preservatives that combine the concepts of convenience and flavor – while also being healthy – the Express line brings rice and risotto varieties that are ready in just 2 minutes in the microwave. The products feature an exclusive technology developed by Mars, which allows the ingredients to be steamed in the package itself. UNCLE BEN’S® Express includes cheese risotto, vegetable risotto, funghi risotto, white rice and brown rice, and RÁRIS® Express includes the versions of brown rice with quinoa and seven grains and spices. On April 2, the national production reaches the market in São Paulo and, also, the South of Brazil.

The initiative is a milestone in the transformation of Mars in Brazil, which focuses on the development of the Food segment in the country. “We are a private company whose culture is based on Five Principles – Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. The Principle of Freedom concerns our freedom to invest, which allows the company to focus on the medium and long term. When we assess the food market, we see a niche in evidence and not yet explored. We have then created a category of products that will offer one more option to the consumers, since we are offering an alternative that combines flavor with convenience and health care,” says Maurício Schonenberger, Food Director at Mars in Brazil. 

Mars believes in the potential of Brazil, in its consumer market and in the various business development opportunities, which places the country among the global priorities of the company. The project’s feasibility relied on the partnership with Investe São Paulo (Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo).

“Mars is a major player in the food production chain in the country and has been assisted by our team for four years. We assisted in the dialogue with several state and municipal bodies, such as the Departments of Finance and Planning, and in environmental licensing and infrastructure matters,” said Sérgio Costa, Business Director of Investe SP.

Today, Mars operates globally in 5 business segments, three in Brazil: Mars Petcare, Mars Wrigley Confectionery & Mars Food, with the brands M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, RÁRIS®, UNCLE BEN’S® and MASTERFOODS® PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS® and ROYAL CANIN®.


About Mars, Incorporated

Mars, Incorporated is a private family company with more than 100 years of history and owner of some of the most beloved brands in the world such as M&M’S®, TWIX®, SNICKERS®, PEDIGREE®, EUKANUBA®, ROYAL CANIN®, WHISKAS®, UNCLE BEN’S®, MASTERFOODS®, ORBIT®, EXTRA®, SKITTLES® and STARBURST®. Headquartered in McLean, in the US state of Virginia, Mars has revenues of over US$ 35 billion in sales from five different business lines: Petcare (pet food), Wrigley Confectionary (Chocolate, Candies and Chewing Gums), Food, Beverage and Symbioscience. More than 100 thousand people from 80 countries work together under the Five Principles of the company: Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Mutuality and Freedom, and struggle each day to develop a relationship with stakeholders in order to stimulate the growth which makes the company so proud.


For more information about Mars, Incorporated, please visit www.mars.com.br