07/10/2019 11h49

LANXESS starts operation of new unit in Porto Feliz with the support from InvestSP

Company also built a new Application Development and Technical Support Center that will serve Latin America


In the year it celebrates the 40th anniversary of its industrial complex in Porto Feliz, LANXESS, a specialty chemicals company from Germany, starts its new high-performance prepolymer operation in the city. With this measure, which received an investment of approximately R$15 million, the company’s Urethane Systems business division expands its production capacity in the country, while building a new Application Development and Technical Support Center with state-of-the-art equipment to serve customers in Latin America.

For the global head of Urethane business unit of LANXESS, Markus Eckert, the new operation reinforces the company’s commitment to the Brazilian and South American markets. “We are delighted to be able to offer our global and regional customers excellent product quality and faster delivery, as well as ensure technical and engineering support from a site configuration that combines production, application development and technical support,” he says.

Since 1979, the industrial complex of LANXESS in Porto Feliz has the largest unit in the Americas for the production of Inorganic Pigments (IPG), marketed under the brands Bayferrox and Pó Xadrez. In addition, it produces a range of chemical additives for the rubber, plastics and colorant industries of the Rhein Chemie (RCH) division.

Five years ago, it also started the operation at the High-Performance Materials (HPM) plant, now among the most modern in the world. The new Urethane prepolymer unit (URE), the fourth expansion of the industrial complex, began the construction works in 2018 with the support from InvestSP, the Investment Promotion Agency of the State of São Paulo.

For Wilson Mello Neto, president of InvestSP, LANXESS’s decision to build its new Urethane unit in Porto Feliz demonstrates the economic diversity of the State of São Paulo and its ability to provide labor and infrastructure conditions that meet the demand of the most diverse sectors. “It is a great satisfaction that even after 40 years being in the city, LANXESS has chosen São Paulo to expand its operations in Brazil. Today, the competition to attract investments does not only occur internally in Brazil, but we also compete with other countries,” says Mello.