11/04/2016 15h07

Korin carries out Brazil’s first export of organic chicken in November

Valor International

Korin Agropecuária, specialized in meat without antibiotics, has placed Brazil in the international organic chicken market. By the end of November, Hong Kong retailer Park will receive the first 8 tonnes of organic chicken meat from Brazil. 

World leader in the export of poultry meat, Brazil had never exported organic chicken, said Korin managing director Reginalndo Morikawa. Korin can export 22 tonnes of organic chicken next year, but the company's capacity for this type os product is limited to 100 tonnes. Korin produces about 1,000 thousand tonnes os organic chicken meat per year. Centered on the domestic market, Korin should end 2016 with sales of R$ 134 million, a 24% growth compared to the previous year.