03/08/2024 10h43

KondZilla will highlight peripheral culture at Casa São Paulo

Secretaria da Cultura, Economia e Indústria Criativas

KondZilla will be one of the speakers at Casa São Paulo, a SP Government space, at South By Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, in the United States, this year. The businessman is part of the program for March 10th, “Favela Day”, an experience space to highlight the importance of giving communities a leading role in shaping cities and the future of society. The businessman revolutionized the Brazilian funk scene with his music videos and became a reference for the genre in the digital world.

At the event, the owner of the most popular YouTube channel in Latin America, today with almost 70 million subscribers, analyzes the connection between entrepreneurship, artistic expression and Brazil's destiny, with communities as its epicenter. KondZilla will bring its experience in the cultural scene and its impact, which transcends borders and helps shape the creative scene, especially peripheral, Brazilian.

About the entrepreneur

Konrad Dantas, known by the stage name “KondZilla”, has followed a remarkable path since founding his eponymous YouTube channel in 2012. His influence reverberates across Brazil's musical and cultural scene, boosting artists and creating a legacy. In 2017, Forbes Brasil recognized him as one of the most influential entrepreneurs under 30 years old.

Today, he leads an empire that encompasses a production company, a record label, series and film production, a news portal specializing in funk and even a school for young talents. His series “Sintonia”, released on Netflix in 2019, won the title of most watched Brazilian series on the platform.


Casa São Paulo occupies a privileged space at SXSW, in front of the main hangar, with approximately 1 thousand m² and capacity to receive at least 5 thousand people, in addition to the more than 300 thousand people participating in the event. The organization is carried out by the Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry and by InvestSP, an investment promotion agency linked to the Secretariat of Economic Development, in partnership with Gerando Falcões.