09/21/2017 13h40

Johnson & Johnson opens distribution center in Guarulhos

Medical equipments Unit becomes the brand’s biggest one in Latin America, with 12 thousand square meters, 300 employees and a space for 14 thousand items of all the brand’s franchises

Investe São Paulo
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    “I would like to thank Investe SP and Agende Guarulhos for all the help performing the project in the right deadline and for always being available to support us”, claimed Ricardo Araújo

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     “Our commitment is taking care of people and the center was created within this goal”, said Sonia Azuma

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     “We are going to raise the productivity to supply all the population’s necessity in the next 20 years”, claimed Adriano Caldas

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    The director of Investe São Paulo, Sérgio Costa, talked about the importance the investment for the state and city

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     “We expect more companies to use Guarulhos as a platrform for its growing in Brazil and to export to other countries”, said Gutti, Guarulhos’ mayor

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    The DC may supply other 31 countries besides Brazil, with sutures produced in Johnson & Johnson São José dos Campos factory

The director of Investe São Paulo, Sérgio Costa, represented São Paulo state government during the opening ceremony of the biggest Distribution Center of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices in Latin America, which happened in September 4th.

The center will provide more than 14 thousand items among all the brand’s franchises – since surgery devices until prostheses, implants and surgical supplies – attending millions of procedures daily and about two thousand hospitals.

 “Our job doesn’t stop here. We will do everything to help Johnson & Johnson grow up and to make São Paulo its growing platform inside Latin America” claimed Costa.

Investe SP supported the building project of the center, introducing the company to many organizations that were important public to the project. “We thank Investe São Paulo and Agende Guarulhos for [MG1] always being available to help us. We achieved all the deadlines that were proposed to us”, said the company’s vice-president of logistic of Latin America, Ricardo Araújo.

The president of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices in Brazil also thanked the two investment promotion agencies : “This center makes us closer to the commitment to reach more patients and restore lives, which is our mission”, explained Adriano Caldas.

“This investment is not just important because of taxes income and job opportunities. We are happy that J&J has chosen Guarulhos as its receptive pole and access platform to many markets. We hope people believe that Guarulhos can be an international hub and an economic pole of the state in the country”, affirmed Guarulhos’ mayor, Gustavo Guti.


About the Center

The new distribution center is aligned with the company’s global business strategy that has Brazil as one of the investments focus country, increasing the operation capacity and ensuring the high level of services to supply the sector demand in the next 10 years. Brazil is the seventh biggest health Market in all the world and the second biggest private Market in America, according to the World Health Organization.

The DC may fill up to other 31 countries besides Brazil, with sutures produced at J&J factory in São José dos Campos/SP, considered the biggest diversified industrial pole of J&J outside the US.

Johnson & Johnson is in the country for more than 85 years, contributing for the development of the Brazilian health sector through the supply of solutions that promotes a better experience and clinical result to the patient. “Our job with the country is due to a long term, and that is why we have the necessity to expand the capacity of operation already thinking in the next 10 years” , explains Adriano Caldas, the president of Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices in Brazil


Guarulhos: privileged position

“A multifunctional team considered many aspects for the selection of the place to settle the DC such as safety, quality, mobility, job opportunities and access ways that makes the delivery easier, resulting in logistical gain as much for the company as  for the hospitals that use our devices for surgeries”, explains the vice-president.

The city of Guarulhos is strategical because it facilitates the input and output of products through the access to the highway and airport, making possible a faster distribution of medical devices. “Now we have an operation with capacity and infrastructure to guarantee our future. We are prepared to innovate the health sector ensuring a high quality service”, he says.

About Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Owner of one of the most diversified medical devices’ portfolio in the world, Johnson &Johnson Medical Devices is part of the J&J’s Family. As a mission, i tries to contribute with the worldwide health market, knowing its necessity and developing solutions that shows advances on patients care.

In Brazil for more than 85 years, J&J Medical devices keeps a leadership position, besides operating strategicaly in the region that is considered one of the top 10 countries on which the company is focused.. It has a factory in São José dos Campos/SP that is the biggest J&J’s industrial pole outside the USA, that exports its production for 31 countries. It is in Guarulhos that we find the biggest company’s distribution center of Latin America, with 12 thousand items to supply Brazilian hospitals’ demand, reaching millions of people every year.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices englobes surgery, orthopedics and cardiovascular business inside medical the devices segment.