09/28/2016 11h40

Ipackchem lands in Brazil and builds a new packaging plant for chemicals and agrochemicals in São Paulo

With a R$ 40 million project assisted by Investe SP, French company builds plant in Paulínia and operates with 30 employees

Investe São Paulo

Ipackchem, a French manufacturer of packaging for the chemical industry, started operations of its first Brazilian plant, in Paulínia (SP). With the support from Investe São Paulo, the export and investment promotion agency of the state of São Paulo, the company has invested R$ 40 million in the project, which included the hiring of 30 people.

“Ipackchem is one of our clients that received full support: we assessed the areas, provided support in terms of environmental and tax regulation, monitoring each project phase. This is a high-value project for the chemicals chain in the state of São Paulo,” said Juan Quirós, president of Investe SP.

According to Philippe Carasso, General Director of the company, most of our international customers in the chemical and agrochemical industry have units in the state of São Paulo. “Our goal is to provide support to our customers and partners the best possible way,” he said.

The new plant is currently producing packaging for pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. The operation includes an innovative system with the injection of fluorine in the packaging, which facilitates the recycling process after use.
Currently, the plant covers a built area of 3,400 square meters, located on an area covering 8,800 square meters. The operating capacity is expected to double next year.

About Ipackchem 

Headquartered in Paris, France, Ipackchem employs 350 people and generates more than € 60 million in revenue in five plants: Saint-Etienne (France), Crewe (UK), Peremarton (Hungary), Paulínia (Brazil) and Randburgo (South Africa).