10/02/2019 15h02

InvestSP signs agreement with the government of the Australian state of Victoria

Partnership is the first step towards creation of a direct flight between São Paulo and Melbourne and foresees joint actions to foster bilateral investments


- InvestSP and Global Victoria, the business promotion and economic development branch of the Australian state of Victoria, have signed a memorandum of understanding to encourage and facilitate trade and investment between companies in both regions. Among the actions foreseen in the agreement is a joint initiative between São Paulo and Victoria to work on the establishment of a direct air route between São Paulo and Melbourne.

“Just as Brazil and Australia have always had many similarities, the states of São Paulo and Victoria also have characteristics in common, especially regarding economic aspects. I am sure this partnership will leverage business and investment between the two regions, ”says Wilson Mello, President of InvestSP

The terms of the agreement have also defined that InvestSP will seek to identify companies from São Paulo with potential to invest in Victoria or do business with companies based in the region. Likewise, Global Victoria will support Australian entrepreneurs committed to setting up their operations in our state or even seeking commercial agreements with companies in São Paulo.

“The partnership allows the two states to share information about economic trends and market data. This is yet another initiative of the São Paulo government in its strategy of expanding the state's economic and commercial frontiers, ”says Mello.