04/19/2021 13h00

InvestSP provides support in the construction of Acqualinda Complex, a tourist attraction with an investment of R$ 500 million in Andradina


In the city of Andradina (630 km from the state capital), one of the largest water parks, the Acqualinda Parque Aquático, is being built in Brazil.Part of a tourist complex that will also feature a themed resort and 2,600 multi-property apartments, the park is in the final stages of construction and should open in the second half of 2021.

The project is the result of the dream of entrepreneur Mário Celso Lopes, from Andradrina, and will put the city on the national tourism map.Approximately R$ 500 million is being invested in the construction of the complex, which will feature a theme water park with the capacity to welcome 15,000 visitors per day and the expectation of serving 2 million tourists per year.Currently, 250 people are working on the completion of the works, and once it is in operation, the expectation is that 1,000 people are hired in the park.

At the beginning of the construction of the project, the scenario of a pandemic was never considered, and although it delayed the works of the project, this is not seen as something negative for the future of the project.The projection is that domestic tourism will be the preference of Brazilians in the post-pandemic months and one of the strengths for the recovery of the economy.

“The undeniable growth of national tourism will introduce Acqualinda as an unprecedented destination in the country, and it will be ready when the current moment we are living in is just a memory.Brazil has many incredible destinations and we are going to Andradina in this scenario,” said Mário Celso Lopes.

InvestSP provides environmental, tax and infrastructure support to the project.This is the first major tourism and leisure project assisted by the agency that is implemented.“The state of São Paulo has a huge potential for tourism, there are several business opportunities to be explored in this sector.The Acqualinda tourist complex will be an example for other entrepreneurs to invest in this activity,” said Wilson Mello, president of InvestSP.

The park is located in an area covering 142,000 m² and will have imported equipment made by companies specialized in the production of entertainment attractions.In the second phase of the investment project in the tourist complex, the Acqua Resort will be built, a hotel with a capacity for 2,000 guests and Riviera de Gran Lagoon - Vilas do Mediterrâneo, with 2,600 rooms in the multi-property model.

Located at Rodovia Marechal Rondon (SP-300) near the border with Mato Grosso do Sul, the park is 120 km from Araçatuba Airport and 40 km from Três Lagoas Airport (MS) both with regular flights.