10/21/2021 15h06

InvestSP in Shanghai celebrates 2 years and consolidates the partnership between São Paulo and China in the global scenario

The office opened in August 2019 in China was a pioneering action in the Brazilian paradiplomacy


In August, InvestSP’s international office in Shanghai celebrates its second year of operation. Located in the economic heart of the Chinese city, it was a milestone of the new strategy of operation of InvestSP, which started advising companies from São Paulo in their process of internationalization and in the attraction of Chinese investments to the state.

InvestSP China celebrates two years of operation with more than 30 member companies in its portfolio. Since the beginning of its activities in Shanghai, InvestSP has been working to strengthen and expand commercial transactions with China and the institutional relations in multiple sectors.

Currently, the Asian giant is the main commercial partner of the state of São Paulo. In the first half of 2021, the flow of trade between São Paulo and China reached US$ 10.8 billion. To contribute to deepening the business agenda, the office in Shanghai developed services that assist companies in their strategies to conquer the Chinese market and in the search for supplies for the industry in São Paulo.

The services provided include, for example, preparing companies to operate in China, identifying partners and investors, organizing meetings with members of the Chinese market and monitoring business opportunities. On the internationalization front, entrepreneurs can receive support for opening a company in China, producing sectorial studies and supporting their actions on social networks. The office’s team also carries out an active mapping of potential investors interested in investing in São Paulo, performing government relations activities.

“The opening of InvestSP’s office in Shanghai was a very important action by the government of the state of São Paulo. An initiative that shows that we believe in commercial diplomacy to intensify business between São Paulo and Asian companies, especially Chinese ones. Today, we celebrate the office’s two years of activity, projecting a long path of success in relations between São Paulo and China,” said the president of InvestSP, Gustavo Junqueira.

Opened six months before the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil, the office played an important role in supporting and coordinating the fight against Covid-19 in Brazil, through institutional support and donations of PPE from various provinces, such as Chongqing. In addition to having played a key role in bringing together the Butantan Institute and the Sinovac laboratory for the supply of inputs and the production of Coronavac in São Paulo.

“We conducted a pioneering work here in China. São Paulo was the first Brazilian state to open a paradiplomatic representation office abroad. In order to do business in Asia, it is essential to have a trustworthy channel, and our team has been striving to bring the people from China and São Paulo closer and closer,” said the director of the office in Shanghai, José Mario Antunes.

The success of the São Paulo representation in China helped InvestSP in the development of its support network for the internationalization of companies from São Paulo. The agency has also established representations in Dubai and Munich. In November this year, InvestSP’s fourth international office will open in New York, United States.